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HRCI PHR Exam Dumps

Professional in Human Resources

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Update Date : July 15, 2024
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HRCI PHR Sample Questions

Question # 1

Your organization is using the whole job ranking technique as part of its non-quantitative job evaluation. Which one of the following best describes the whole job ranking technique? 

A. Jobs are ranked from lowest to highest according to the importance that each job holds. 
B. Jobs are reviewed based on the entire performance of the organization in each category. 
C. Jobs are categorized into broad categories or levels. 
D. New jobs are categorized into an existing hierarchy of jobs within the organization. 

Question # 2

Which of the following clause protects the employee's job and compensation in the event of a reorganization, acquisition, or merger, for a specifed period of time? 

A. Termination clause 
B. Change of control 
C. Advice of counsel 
D. Disability or death 

Question # 3

As an HR Professional, you must be familiar with collective bargaining agreements and the process that rights are given, contracts, and union and management cooperation. With this in mind, what is a rights arbitration? 

A. It is a lawsuit between the collective management and the collective union. 
B. It is a formal hearing between the management and the union, to resolve grievances during the construction of a contract. 
C. It is a formal hearing between management and union members to resolve grievances during the administration of a contract. 
D. It is a not a lawsuit, but a resolution of laws and their impact on existing contracts. 

Question # 4

You are the HR Professional for your organization and you're completing a turnover analysis. You're considering that over the past year your organization has employed 1,238 employees and during that same period your organization has terminated 56 employees.  Based on this information what is your organization's turnover for the past year? 

A. 56 
B. Significantly lower than average 
C. 22 
D. Moderately low 

Question # 5

Your organization is aiming to reduce costs by stopping wastes in the production cycle. The company has created a plan that will reward employees 50 percent of the savings from the waste stoppage. What type of compensation plan is your organization offering to employees in this instance? 

A. This is an example of a team incentive 
B. This is an example of profit sharing 
C. This is an example of gainsharing 
D. This is an example of a short-term incentive 

Question # 6

An organization would like to hire a 15-year old for some duties in their business. Which one of the following rules would be breaking the requirements of the child labor provisions of the FLSA? 

A. Non-school hours only 
B. 4 hours per school day 
C. 8 hours in a non-school day 
D. 18 hours per school week 

Question # 7

You are the HR Professional for your organization and you have been asked to hire a project manager. The average market salary for the project management position, you have available is $87,500. Which one of the following salaries would be indicative of lagging the market? 

A. $79,000 
B. $101,000 
C. $87,500 
D. $88,000 

Question # 8

Mathematical forecasting is also known as quantitative forecasting. Which one of the following statements best describes mathematical forecasting techniques? 

A. The predictor of future performance is risk analysis of possible outcomes. 
B. The best predictor of future performance is statistical analysis of past performance results. 
C. The best predictor of future performance is structured reviews of current performance. 
D. The best predictor of future performance is past performance. 

Question # 9

Which of the following types of training evolution measures whether the training had a positive impact on the bottom line? 

A. Result 
B. Reaction 
C. Learning 
D. Behavior 

Question # 10

OSHA may inspect a workplace at any time. The purpose of these inspections is to maintain safety for all workers. OSHA has established five priorities for workplace inspections. Which one of the following statements is the correct order of most important OSHA priorities to least important OSHA priorities? 

A. Imminent danger, planned inspections in high-hazard industries, employee complaints, catastrophes and fatal accidents, follow-up inspections 
B. Imminent danger, catastrophes and fatal accidents, planned inspections in high-hazard industries, employee complaints, and follow-up inspections 
C. Imminent danger, catastrophes and fatal accidents, planned inspections in high-hazard industries, follow-up inspections, and employee complaints 
D. Imminent danger, catastrophes and fatal accidents, employee complaints, planned inspections in high-hazard industries, follow-up inspections 

Question # 11

What of the following statements defines total rewards? 

A. It is the total amount of pay a person earns per year. 
B. It is the compensation and the benefits a person earns. 
C. It is the amount of pay a person earns per hour. 
D. It is the compensation a person earns for their time. 

Question # 12

As an HR Professional you should be familiar with the terminology, practices, and rules governing unions and management in the bargaining process. What is the zipper clause in regard to negotiations?

A. Items in a management-union contract can be "zipped" open and closed as often as necessary. 
B. Management is locked out of union meetings. 
C. Management and union representations are locked out of union employee meetings. 
D. Items in a management-union contract are "zipped" closed, once the agreement is signed by both parties. 

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