CheckPoint 156-315.80 Exam Dumps

CheckPoint 156-315.80 Exam Dumps

Check Point Certified Security Expert - R80

435 Questions & Answers with Explanation
Update Date : July 15, 2024
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CheckPoint 156-315.80 Sample Questions

Question # 1

The Correlation Unit performs all but the following actions:

A. Marks logs that individually are not events, but may be part of a larger pattern to be identified later.
B. Generates an event based on the Event policy.
C. Assigns a severity level to the event.
D. Takes a new log entry that is part of a group of items that together make up an event, and adds it to an ongoing event.

Question # 2

Which of the following commands shows the status of processes?

A. cpwd_admin -l
B. cpwd -l
C. cpwd admin_list
D. cpwd_admin list

Question # 3

Installations and upgrades with CPUSE require that the CPUSE agent is up-to-date. Usually the latest build is downloaded automatically. How can you verify the CPUSE agent build?

A. In WebUI Status and Actions page or by running the following command in CLISH: show installer status build
B. In WebUI Status and Actions page or by running the following command in CLISH: show installer status version
C. In the Management Server or Gateway object in SmartConsole or by running the following command in CLISH: show installer status build
D. In the Management Server or Gateway object in SmartConsole or by running the following command in CLISH: show installer agent

Question # 4

After making modifications to the $CVPNDIR/conf/cvpnd.C file, how would you restart the daemon?

A. cvpnd_restart
B. cvpnd_restart
C. cvpnd restart
D. cvpnrestart

Question # 5

SmartEvent does NOT use which of the following procedures to identify events: 

A. Matching a log against each event definition
B. Create an event candidate
C. Matching a log against local exclusions
D. Matching a log against global exclusions

Question # 6

At what point is the Internal Certificate Authority (ICA) created?

A. Upon creation of a certificate.
B. During the primary Security Management Server installation process.
C. When an administrator decides to create one.
D. When an administrator initially logs into SmartConsole.

Question # 7

Which of the following Check Point processes within the Security Management Server is responsible for the receiving of log records from Security Gateway?

A. logd
B. fwd
C. fwm
D. cpd

Question # 8

UserCheck objects in the Application Control and URL Filtering rules allow the gateway to communicate with the users. Which action is not supported in UserCheck objects?

A. Ask
B. Drop
C. Inform
D. Reject

Question # 9

In SmartEvent, what are the different types of automatic reactions that the administrator can configure?

A. Mail, Block Source, Block Event Activity, External Script, SNMP Trap
B. Mail, Block Source, Block Destination, Block Services, SNMP Trap
C. Mail, Block Source, Block Destination, External Script, SNMP Trap
D. Mail, Block Source, Block Event Activity, Packet Capture, SNMP Trap

Question # 10

Fill in the blank: An identity server uses a __________ for user authentication.

A. Shared secret
B. Certificate
C. One-time password
D. Token

Question # 11

Which path below is available only when CoreXL is enabled?

A. Slow path
B. Firewall path
C. Medium path
D. Accelerated path

Question # 12

Which utility allows you to configure the DHCP service on Gaia from the command line?

A. ifconfig
B. dhcp_ofg
C. sysconfig
D. cpconfig

Question # 13

Joey want to configure NTP on R80 Security Management Server. He decided to do this via WebUI. What is the correct address to access the Web UI for Gaia platform via browser?

A. https://<Device_IP_Adress>
B. http://<Device IP_Address>:443
C. https://<Device_IP_Address>:10000
D. https://<Device_IP_Address>:4434

Question # 14

Which command would disable a Cluster Member permanently?

A. clusterXL_admin down
B. cphaprob_admin down
C. clusterXL_admin down-p
D. set clusterXL down-p

Question # 15

DLP and Geo Policy are examples of what type of Policy?

A. Standard Policies
B. Shared Policies
C. Inspection Policies
D. Unified Policies

Question # 16

When installing a dedicated R80 SmartEvent server. What is the recommended size of the root partition?

A. Any size
B. Less than 20GB
C. More than 10GB and less than 20GB
D. At least 20GB

Question # 17

What is the mechanism behind Threat Extraction?

A. This a new mechanism which extracts malicious files from a document to use it as a counter-attack against its sender.
B. This is a new mechanism which is able to collect malicious files out of any kind of file types to destroy it prior to sending it to the intended recipient.
C. This is a new mechanism to identify the IP address of the sender of malicious codes and put it into the SAM database (Suspicious Activity Monitoring).
D. Any active contents of a document, such as JavaScripts, macros and links will be removed from the document and forwarded to the intended recipient, which makes this solution very fast.

Question # 18

Which configuration file contains the structure of the Security Server showing the port numbers, corresponding protocol name, and status?

A. $FWDIR/database/fwauthd.conf
B. $FWDIR/conf/fwauth.conf
C. $FWDIR/conf/fwauthd.conf
D. $FWDIR/state/fwauthd.conf

Question # 19

Fill in the blank: The R80 utility fw monitor is used to troubleshoot ______________________.

A. User data base corruption
B. LDAP conflicts
C. Traffic issues
D. Phase two key negotiations

Question # 20

Which feature is NOT provided by all Check Point Mobile Access solutions?

A. Support for IPv6
B. Granular access control
C. Strong user authentication
D. Secure connectivity

Question # 21

Which pre-defined Permission Profile should be assigned to an administrator that requires full access to audit Which pre-defined Permission Profile should be assigned to an administrator that requires full access to audit

A. Auditor
B. Read Only All
C. Super User
D. Full Access

Question # 22

In the Firewall chain mode FFF refers to:

A. Stateful Packets
B. No Match
C. All Packets
D. Stateless Packets

Question # 23

Under which file is the proxy arp configuration stored?

A. $FWDIR/state/proxy_arp.conf on the management server
B. $FWDIR/conf/local.arp on the management server
C. $FWDIR/state/_tmp/proxy.arp on the security gateway
D. $FWDIR/conf/local.arp on the gateway

Question # 24

What is a best practice before starting to troubleshoot using the “fw monitor” tool? 

A. Run the command: fw monitor debug on
B. Clear the connections table
C. Disable CoreXL
D. Disable SecureXL

Question # 25

What command lists all interfaces using Multi-Queue?

A. cpmq get
B. show interface all
C. cpmq set
D. show multiqueue all

Question # 26

Vanessa is expecting a very important Security Report. The Document should be sent as an attachment via e-mail. An e-mail with Security_report.pdf file was delivered to her e-mail inbox. When she opened the PDF file, she noticed that the file is basically empty and only few lines of text are in it. The report is missing some graphs, tables and links. Which component of SandBlast protection is her company using on a Gateway?

A. SandBlast Threat Emulation
B. SandBlast Agent
C. Check Point Protect
D. SandBlast Threat Extraction

Question # 27

To optimize Rule Base efficiency, the most hit rules should be where?

A. Removed from the Rule Base.
B. Towards the middle of the Rule Base.
C. Towards the top of the Rule Base.
D. Towards the bottom of the Rule Base.

Question # 28

What is the default shell for the command line interface? 

A. Expert
B. Clish
C. Admin
D. Normal

Question # 29

The system administrator of a company is trying to find out why acceleration is not working for the traffic.The traffic is allowed according to the rule base and checked for viruses. But it is not accelerated.What is the most likely reason that the traffic is not accelerated?

A. There is a virus found. Traffic is still allowed but not accelerated.
B. The connection required a Security server.
C. Acceleration is not enabled.
D. The traffic is originating from the gateway itself.

Question # 30

What statement best describes the Proxy ARP feature for Manual NAT in R80.10? 

A. Automatic proxy ARP configuration can be enabled
B. Automatic proxy ARP configuration can be enabled
C. fw ctl proxy should be configured
D. local.arp file must always be configured

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