Cisco 350-601 Exam Dumps

Cisco 350-601 Exam Dumps

Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR)

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Update Date : May 29, 2023
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Cisco 350-601 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which file service protocol allows the files to appear locally mapped to the client and provides view, store, and update capabilities on a remote Linux-based storage repository that also serves as a distributed file system standard for NAS?


Question # 2

A network engineer needs to upgrade the EPLDs of the fabric modules for a Cisco MDS director-class switch. In which order are components reloaded during the process?

A. one fabric module at the time
B. all fabric modules followed by the entire switching platform
C. all fabric modules in parallel
D. one module and one supervisor at the time

Question # 3

A company is investigating different options for IT automation tools. The IT team has experience with python programming language and scripting using a declarative language. The proposed tool should be easy to set up and should not require installing an agent on target devices. The team will also need to build custom modules based on the python programming language to extend the tools functionality. Which automation tool should be used to meet these requirements?

A. Puppet
B. Ansible
D. Chef

Question # 4

Which two protocols are used by the NFSv4 protocol? (Choose two.)

D. Ethernet

Question # 5

An engineer must configure a Cisco UCS blade system that is managed by Cisco UCS Manager. All four connected interfaces between the blade system and the fabric interconnects must be used. Additionally, the connectivity must tolerate any link failure between the l/O module and the fabric interconnects. Which action accomplishes these requirements?

A. Configure port aggregation with LACP policy set to default
B. Configure Firmware Auto Sync Server policy to Auto Acknowledge
C. Configure Link Group Preference to Port Channel.
D. Configure chassis/FEX discovery pokey action to four links

Question # 6

An engineer must generate a Cisco UCS Manager backup. The backup should include all logical configuration and contain all system and logical configuration settings. Which backup type should be selected to meet these requirements?

A. system configuration
B. logical configuration
C. all configuration
D. full state

Question # 7

What is a benefit of independent resource scaling in Cisco HyperFlex hybrid architecture?

A. flexible expansion of compute, caching, and capacity
B. remote booting of converged servers
C. multivendor converged node hardware support
D. support for compute nodes with third-party storage

Question # 8

Which component is upgraded by using an EPLD upgrade on a Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switch?

A. dual-homed fabric extenders
C. field-programmable gate arrays
D. ISSU of the NX-OS version

Question # 9

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer must Improve the convergence time during vPC primary peer device failure and recovery. Which set of actions is required on both vPC switches to accomplish this task?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 10

An engineer must allow communication between the APIC controller and an OpenStack OpFlex agent. The agent is running on a compute node directly plugged to a Cisco ACI leaf switch. The engineer must enable and extend Infra VLAN on the port facing the compute and extend the Infra VLAN to the host. Which action must be taken to meet these requirements?

A. Enable the Infra VLAN on the Interface Profile policy
B. Enable the Infra VLAN on the Attachable Access Entity Profile.
C. Add the infra VLAN via the physical domain.
D. Add the infra VLAN via the VMM domain.

Question # 11

A network engineer plans to upgrade the firmware of a Cisco UCS B-Series chassis by using the Auto Install feature. Which component is upgraded during the infrastructure firmware upgrade stage?

A. Cisco IMC
B. Adapter
C. I/O module

Question # 12

An engineer needs to connect Cisco UCS Manager to an external storage array. Due to budget limitations, the engineer must connect a Cisco UCS manager directly to an FC storage port. Which two actions must be taken to complete this connection? (Choose two)

A. Configure the fabric interconnect in FC switch mode
B. Create a storage connection policy
C. Set FC zoning to disabled when creating the VSAN
D. Configure the fabric interconnect in end host mode
E. Create the required VSAN in the SAN cloud

Question # 13

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer must configure an authentication solution for Cisco UCS with these conditions:•Two-factor authentication must be enabled for all UCS user authentication.•All AAA packets must be encrypted and use TCP port 49 to establish communication.Which set of actions needs these requirements?

A. Create the LDAP provider.Change the LDAP group rule in an LDAP provider.
B. Create the RADIUS group mapping.Change the RADIUS group rule in a RADIUS provider.
C. Remove the LDAP provider.Create a TACACS+ provider in user management.
D. Delete the LDAP group mapping.Create a RADIUS provider in user management.

Question # 14

An engineer must configure Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches for Cisco UCS Director integration. The configuration must enable automated onboarding of the switches as they come online. For security purposes, the switches must have the bare minimum of connection methods enabled. The connection protocol must allow authentication through credentials. Which protocol must be configured on the switches to allow automated onboarding?

B. Telnet

Question # 15

What is a characteristic of the install all command on the cisco Nexus series switch?

A. Upgrades only certain modules
B. Automatically checks the image integrity
C. Impact data plan traffic
D. Continues the upgrade process if any step in the sequence fails 

Question # 16

An engineer performs a set of configuration changes for the vPC domain using Session Manager. Which two commands are used to verify the configuration and apply the device changes when no errors are returned? (Choose two)

A. write
B. verify
C. commit
D. checkpoint
E. apply

Question # 17

A customer reports Fibre Channel login requests to a cisco MDS 9000 series Switch from an unauthorized source. The customer requires a feature that will allow all devices already logged in and learned in and learned to be added to the Fibre channel active database. Which two features must be enabled to accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)

A. Auto-learning
B. Port security
C. Enhanced zoning
D. Device aliases
E. Smart aliases

Question # 18

A network administrator attempts to automate the provisioning of several new Cisco Nexus switches. The administrator prepares a bootstrap configuration script for the task Due to the number of switches a zero-touch provisioning solution is preferred Additionally, some switches arrive with outdated software and should be automatically upgraded as part of the provisioning workflow Which solution meets the requirements’

B. Ansible

Question # 19

A network engineer is deploying a cisco ALL-flash hyperflex solution. Which local storage configuration is required for the operating system and persistent logging?

A. Two solid state drives
B. Two SATA drives
C. One SATA drive
D. One solid state drive

Question # 20

An engineer must implement protection against ICMP DoS attacks on a Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switch. The requirement is to rate-limit ICMP without denying all other ICMP traffic. The ICMP trafic currently passing through the Cisco Nexus 9000 device must not be affected. Which configuration accomplishes these goals?

A. Configure SNMP traps to send the ICMP notification if the CPU utilization is more than 90%.
B. Reconfigure the Layer 3 interfaces to be in the non-default VRF and ICMP broadcast storm control
C. Create an access list to deny ICMP traffic and apply it to all interlaces in the inside direction.
D. Apply a control plane service policy that matches all ICMP traffic to drop the traffic fiat exceeds the threshold.

Question # 21

An engineer is deploying a VXLAN EVPN environment for a customer. The customers environment suffers from a large amount of flooding related to hosts attempting to resolve the MAC to IP mapping on the network segment. Which feature prevents this issue from happening in the future?

A. anycast rendezvous point
B. anycast gateway
D. IP ARP suppression

Question # 22

A customer requires a solution to orchestrate the configuration of storage arrays, firewalls, and Cisco ACI networking. Additionally, the orchestration product must support open automation and a service catalog. Which solution meets these requirements?

A. Cisco UCS Director
B. Cisco Intersight
C. Cisco Data Center Network Manager
D. Cisco Workload Optimization Manager

Question # 23

An engineer must design an automation solution for the Cisco ACI Fabric to speed up the deployment of logical network elements for tenant provisioning. When creating a solution, the engineer must keep in mind that the tool must support these requirements:uk.co.certification.simulator.questionpool.PList@11e872a0Which automation tool meets these requirements?

B. Chef
C. SaltStack
D. Python

Question # 24

Which communication method does NFS use for requests between servers and clients? 


Question # 25

The EPLD update of the supervisor module has been scheduled for several cisco MDS 9000 switches. What will be the impact of the update?

A. All control plane traffic is stopped for the duration of the EPLD update and the switch remain operational for the duration of the upgrade.
B. The redundant supervisor lakes over while the EPLD update is in progress and there is no service disruption.
C. All traffic is stopped for the duration of the EPLD update and the switch is rebooted after the upgrade is completed.
D. The redundant supervisor lakes while the EPLD update is in progress and the switch is rebooted after the upgrade is completed.

Question # 26

An engineer must perform a POAP deployment of a Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switch The switch must automatically receive its software image and configuration file upon power-on. Also, only UDP is permitted between the Nexus 9000 switch and the server that hosts the Cisco NX-OS system images Which set of actions completes the configuration’

A. Enable option 67. Define TFTP transfer protocol
B. Enable option 43 Define HTTP transfer protocol.
C. Enable option 46. Define TFTP transfer protocol
D. Enable option 35. Define HTTP transfer protocol.

Question # 27

An engineer must implement a VXLAN-based data center interconnect. The long-distance transport provided by a service provider is IP-based,supports a maximum MTU of 1554 bytes, and does not support outbound traffic replication. Which action must be take to build the data center interconnect?

A. Configure a route map to associate the IPs of the remote VTEPs.
B. Create an IP access list and associate it with VNI to replicate traffic to remote VTEPs.
C. Announce host reachability over BGP.
D. Implement BGP EVPN ingress replication.

Question # 28

After a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch chassis replacement, the administrator discovers that all vPC-enabled LACP port channels are reinitialized. The administrator wants to prevent this issue the next time the chassis is replaced. Which two actions must be taken to meet this requirement before the isolated device is reloaded'? (Choose two)

A. Set the vPC MAC address to a tower value than the peer
B. Change the vPC system-priority of the replacement chassis to a higher value than the peer if.
C. Change the vPC system-priority of the replacement chassis to a lower value than the peer.
D. Set the vPC MAC address to a higher value than the peer
E. Configure auto-recovery to the disable state on both peers

Question # 29

Due to a newly announced security advisory, a company has been Informed that they must update the configuration of 500 network devices that ate deployed n their network. The engineering team must assist the operations team to prepare for this update. The operations team does not have direct access to the network devices and must log in via a Linux server. This Is the first time that the team is making a network-wide configuration and must change all devices without first installing additional software on the network devices. The operations team is unfamiliar with automation and scripting technologies. Which automation tool must be used to accomplish this goal?

A. Chef
B. Ansible
C. Puppet
D. Saltstack

Question # 30

Which protocol does Cisco Hyperflex use to share data among nodes in a VMware vSphere environment?


Question # 31

An engineer must configure a Cisco UCS domain for monitoring and management by the Cisco Intersight SaaS platform. After the setup is complete, administrators must have full control to configure the device through Cisco UCS Manager and Intersight. Which set of actions accomplishes this task?

A. Configure Devce Connector Access Mode as Allow Control in Device Console Claim the device on Intersight as UCSM Managed Mode.
B. Configure Device Connector Access Mode as Allow Control in Cisco UCS Manager Claim the device on intersightc as Intersight Managed Mode
C. Configure Device Connector Access Moao as Allow Control in Device Console. Claim the device on intersight as Intersight Managed Mode
D. Configure Device Connector Access Mode as Allow Control in Cisco UCS Manager Claim the device on intersight as UCSM Managed Mode 

Question # 32

The Cisco UCS blade chassis must send SNMPv3 traps to a network monitoring system. The SNMP trap messages should be authenticated and have protection from closure. Which SNMP security privileged level should be configured?

A. noPriv
B. auth
C. noAuth
D. priv

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