CompTIA CV0-003 Exam Dumps

CompTIA CV0-003 Exam Dumps

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Exam

339 Questions & Answers with Explanation
Update Date : June 20, 2024
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CompTIA CV0-003 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A systems administrator is troubleshooting performance issues with a VDI environment. The administrator determines the issue is GPU related and then increases the frame buffer on the virtual machines. Testing confirms the issue is solved, and everything is now working correctly. Which of the following should the administrator do NEXT? 

A. Consult corporate policies to ensure the fix is allowed  
B. Conduct internal and external research based on the symptoms 
C. Document the solution and place it in a shared knowledge base  
D. Establish a plan of action to resolve the issue  

Question # 2

A disaster situation has occurred, and the entire team needs to be informed about the situation. Which of the following documents will help the administrator find the details of the relevant team members for escalation? 

A. Chain of custody  
B. Root cause analysis  
C. Playbook  
D. Call tree 

Question # 3

An administrator recently provisioned a file server in the cloud. Based on financial considerations, the administrator has a limited amount of disk space. Which of the following will help control the amount of space that is being used? 

A. Thick provisioning  
B. Software-defined storage  
C. User quotas  
D. Network file system  

Question # 4

A company wants to move its environment from on premises to the cloud without vendor lock-in. Which of the following would BEST meet this requirement?  

A. DBaaS  
B. SaaS  
C. IaaS  
D. PaaS 

Question # 5

A systems administrator is deploying a new cloud application and needs to provision cloud services with minimal effort. The administrator wants to reduce the tasks required for maintenance, such as OS patching, VM and volume provisioning, and autoscaling configurations. Which of the following would be the BEST option to deploy the new application?  

A. A VM cluster  
B. Containers  
C. OS templates  
D. Serverless  

Question # 6

A cloud administrator used a deployment script to recreate a number of servers hosted in a publiccloud provider_ However, after the script completes, the administrator receives the following error when attempting to connect to one of the servers Via SSH from the administrators workstation: CHANGED. Which of the following IS the MOST likely cause of the issue? 

A. The DNS records need to be updated  
B. The cloud provider assigned a new IP address to the server.  
C. The fingerprint on the server's RSA key is different  
D. The administrator has not copied the public key to the server.  

Question # 7

A company is considering consolidating a number of physical machines into a virtual infrastructure that will be located at its main office. The company has the following requirements: High-performance VMs More secure Has system independence Which of the following is the BEST platform for the company to use? 

A. Type 1 hypervisor  
B. Type 2 hypervisor  
C. Software application virtualization  
D. Remote dedicated hosting  

Question # 8

A cloud engineer needs to perform a database migration_ The database has a restricted SLA and cannot be offline for more than ten minutes per month The database stores 800GB of data, and the network bandwidth to the CSP is 100MBps. Which of the following is the BEST option to perform the migration? 

A. Copy the database to an external device and ship the device to the CSP  
B. Create a replica database, synchronize the data, and switch to the new instance.  
C. Utilize a third-patty tool to back up and restore the data to the new database  
D. use the database import/export method and copy the exported file.  

Question # 9

Users of a public website that is hosted on a cloud platform are receiving a message indicating the connection is not secure when landing on the website. The administrator has found that only a single protocol is opened to the service and accessed through the URL https://www.comptiasite.com. Which of the following would MOST likely resolve the issue?  

A. Renewing the expired certificate  
B. Updating the web-server software  
C. Changing the crypto settings on the web server  
D. Upgrading the users' browser to the latest version  

Question # 10

A cloud administrator is assigned to establish a connection between the on-premises data center and the new CSP infrastructure. The connection between the two locations must be secure at all times and provide service for all users inside the organization. Low latency is also required to improve performance during data transfer operations. Which of the following would BEST meet these requirements? 

A. A VPC peering configuration 
B. An IPSec tunnel  
C. An MPLS connection  
D. A point-to-site VPN  

Question # 11

A Cloud administrator needs to reduce storage costs. Which of the following would BEST help the administrator reach that goal? 

A. Enabling compression  
B. Implementing deduplication  
C. Using containers  
D. Rightsizing the VMS  

Question # 12

A technician is trying to delete six decommissioned VMs. Four VMs were deleted without issue. However, two of the VMs cannot be deleted due to an error. Which of the following would MOST likely enable the technician to delete the VMs? 

A. Remove the snapshots  
B. Remove the VMs' IP addresses  
C. Remove the VMs from the resource group  
D. Remove the lock from the two VMs  

Question # 13

A systems administrator is configuring updates on a system. Which of the following update branches should the administrator choose to ensure the system receives updates that are maintained for at least four years? 

B. Canary  
C. Beta  
D. Stable  

Question # 14

A company that performs passive vulnerability scanning at its transit VPC has detected a vulnerability related to outdated web-server software on one of its public subnets. Which of the following can the use to verify if this is a true positive with the LEAST effort and cost? (Select TWO).  

A. A network-based scan  
B. An agent-based scan  
C. A port scan  
D. A red-team exercise  
E. A credentialed scan  
F. A blue-team exercise  
G. Unknown environment penetration testing  

Question # 15

A company needs to migrate the storage system and batch jobs from the local storage system to a public cloud provider. Which of the following accounts will MOST likely be created to run the batch processes?  

A. User  
C. Role-based  
D. Service  

Question # 16

A company had a system compromise, and the engineering team resolved the issue after 12 hours. Which of the following information will MOST likely be requested by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to understand the issue and its resolution? 

A. A root cause analysis  
B. Application documentation  
C. Acquired evidence  
D. Application logs  

Question # 17

A systems administrator has received an email from the virtualized environment's alarms indicating the memory was reaching full utilization. When logging in, the administrator notices that one out of a five-host cluster has a utilization of 500GB out of 512GB of RAM. The baseline utilization has been 300GB for that host. Which of the following should the administrator check NEXT?

A. Storage array  
B. Running applications  
C. VM integrity  
D. Allocated guest resources  

Question # 18

A systems administrator adds servers to a round-robin, load-balanced pool, and then starts receiving reports of the website being intermittently unavailable. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue? 

A. The network is being saturated.  
B. The load balancer is being overwhelmed.  
C. New web nodes are not operational.  
D. The API version is incompatible.  
E. There are time synchronization issues.  

Question # 19

A systems administrator is working in a globally distributed cloud environment. After a file server VM was moved to another region, all users began reporting slowness when saving files. Which of the following is the FIRST thing the administrator should check while troubleshooting?

A. Network latency  
B. Network connectivity  
C. Network switch  
D. Network peering  

Question # 20

A cloud engineer is deploying a server in a cloud platform. The engineer reviews a security scan report. Which of the following recommended services should be disabled? (Select TWO).

A. Telnet  
B. FTP  
C. Remote login  
D. DNS  

Question # 21

A cloud administrator needs to reduce the cost of cloud services by using the company's off-peak period. Which of the following would be the BEST way to achieve this with minimal effort? 

A. Create a separate subscription.  
B. Create tags.  
C. Create an auto-shutdown group.  
D. Create an auto-scaling group.  

Question # 22

An organization is using multiple SaaS-based business applications, and the systems administrator is unable to monitor and control the use of these subscriptions. The administrator needs to implement a solution that will help the organization apply security policies and monitor each individual SaaS subscription. Which of the following should be deployed to achieve these requirements?  

A. DLP  
C. IPS  

Question # 23

A cloud solutions architect has an environment that must only be accessed during work hours. Which of the following processes should be automated to BEST reduce cost?

A. Scaling of the environment after work hours  
B. Implementing access control after work hours  
C. Shutting down the environment after work hours  
D. Blocking external access to the environment after work hours 

Question # 24

A systems administrator is troubleshooting a performance issue with a virtual database server. The administrator has identified the issue as being disk related and believes the cause is a lack of IOPS on the existing spinning disk storage. Which of the following should the administrator do NEXT to resolve this issue? 

A. Upgrade the virtual database server.  
B. Move the virtual machine to flash storage and test again.  
C. Check if other machines on the same storage are having issues.  
D. Document the findings and place them in a shared knowledge base.  

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