CompTIA SY0-501 Exam Dumps

CompTIA SY0-501 Exam Dumps

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Update Date : July 15, 2024
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CompTIA SY0-501 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A systems administrator recently issued a public/private key pair that will be used tor the company's DNSSEC implementation Which of the following configurations should the systems administrator implement NEXT? 

A. Create DNSKEY resources with the public key.
B. instant private key using the RRSIG record
C. Point the OS record to the company authoritative servers
D. Add TCP port 443 to the DNS listener

Question # 2

Joe a new employee, discovered a thumb drive with the company's logo on it while walking in the parking lot Joe was curious as to the contents of the drive and placed it into his work computer. Shortly after accessing the contents, he noticed the machine was running slower, started to reboot, and displayed new icons on the screen Which of the following types of attacks occurred? 

A. Social engineering
B. Brute force attack
D. DoS

Question # 3

A company has users and porters in multiple geographic locations and the printers are locked in common areas of the offices. To preserve the confidentially of PII, a security administrator needs to implement the appropriate controls Which of the following would BEST meet the confidentiality requirements of the data?

A. Enforcing location-based policy restrictions
B. Adding location to the standard naming convention
C. implementing time-of-day restrictions based on location
D. Conducting regular account maintenance at each location

Question # 4

An organization is updating its access control standards for SSL VPN login to include multifactor authentication The security administrator assigned to this project has been given the following guidelines to use when selecting a solution• High security• Lowest false acceptance rate• Quick provisioning time for remote users and offshore consultantsWhich of the following solutions will BEST fit this organization's requirements?

A. AES-256 key fobs
B. Software tokens
C. Fingerprint scanners
D. Iris scanners

Question # 5

A security analyst is investigating a security breach involving the loss of sensitive data. A user passed the information through social media as vacation photos. Which of the following methods was used to encode the data?

A. Obfuscation 
B. Steganography 
C. Hashing 
D. Elliptic curve

Question # 6

Which of the following Is a resiliency strategy that allows a system to automatically adapt to workload changes?

A. Fault tolerance
B. Redundancy
C. Elasticity
D. High availability

Question # 7

Which of the following is the main difference between symmetric end asymmetric cryptographic algorithms?

A. The use of PKI in symmetric algorithms
B. HSM-based key generation
C. Only one Key used in symmetric algorithms
D. Random vs pseudo-random key generation

Question # 8

As a security measure, an organization has disabled all external media from accessing the network Since some users may have data that needs to be transferred to the network, which of the would BEST assist a security administrator with transferring the data while keeping the internal network secure?

A. Upload the media in the DMZ
B. Upload the data in a separate VLAN
C. Contact the data custodian
D. Use a standalone scanning system

Question # 9

Which of the following BEST describes why an air gap is a useful security control?

A. It physically isolates two or more networks, therefore helping prevent cross contamination or accidental data spillage.
B. It requires that files be transferred via USB instead of networks that are potentially vulnerable to hacking, therefore preventing virus infections. 
C. It requires multiple systems administrators with different credentials, therefore providing separation of duties. 
D. It provides physical space between two interlocking doors, therefore providing additional control from unauthorized entry. 

Question # 10

A developer is creating a new web application on a public cloud platform and wants to ensure the application can respond to increase in load while minimizing costs during periods of low usage. Which of the following strategies is MOST relevant to the use-case?

A. Elasticity
B. Redundancy
C. High availability
D. Non-persistence

Question # 11

A security administrator begins assessing a network with software that checks for available exploits against a known database using both credentials and external scripts A report will be compiled and used to confirm patching levels This is an example of

A. penetration testing
B. fuzzing
C. static code analysis
D. vulnerability scanning

Question # 12

The phones at a business are being replaced with VoIP phones that get plugged in-line between the switch and PC The voice and data networks still need to be kept separate. Which of the following would allow for this?

B. Intranet
C. Subnetting

Question # 13

A network administrator was recently terminated. A few weeks later, the new administrator noticed unauthorized changes to several devices that are causing denial of services. Additionally, the administrator noticed an unusual connection from an external IP address to an internal server. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?

A. Spyware
B. Virus
C. Ransomware
D. Backdoor 

Question # 14

Which of the following should be implemented to stop an attacker from interacting with the hypervisor through another guest?

A. Containers
B. VM escape protection
C. Security broker
D. Virtual Desktop

Question # 15

A security analyst needs a solution that can execute potential malware in a restricted and isolated environment for analysis. In which of the following technologies is the analyst interested?

A. Sandboxing
B. Staging
D. Honeypot

Question # 16

A malicious actor compromises a legitimate website, configuring it to deliver malware to visitors of the website. Which of the following attacks does this describe?

A. Whaling
B. Watering hole
C. Impersonation
D. Spoofing

Question # 17

The director of information security at a company has recently directed the security engineering team to implement new security technologies aimed at reducing the impact of insider threats. Which of the following tools has the team MOST likely deployed? (Select TWO).


Question # 18

When conducting a penetration test, a pivot is used to describe a scenario in which

A. the penetration tester uses pass-the-hash to gam access to a server via SMB, and then uses this server to SSH to another server 
B. a penetration tester is able to download the Active Directory database after exploiting an unpatched vulnerability on the domain controller 
C. the vulnerability scanner reveals a flaw in SMB signing, which can be used to send a netcat recon tool to one of the servers on the network.
D. the penetration tester is able to access the datacenter or network closet by using a lockpick 

Question # 19

A company recently experienced a security breach. The security start determined that the intrusion was due to an out-of-date proprietary software program running on a noncompliant server The server was imaged and copied onto a hardened VM. with the previous connections re-established. Which of the Mowing Is the NEXT step in the incident response process?

A. Recovery
B. Eradication
C. Lessons learned
D. Containment
E. Identification

Question # 20

A penetration tester was able to connect to a company's internal network and perform scans and staged attacks for the duration of the testing period without being noticed. The SIEM did not alert the security team to the presence of the penetration tester's devices on the network Which of the following would provide the security team with notification in a timely manner?

A. Implement rogue system detection and sensors.
B. Create a trigger on the IPS and alert the security team when unsuccessful logins occur.
C. Decrease the correlation threshold for alerts on the SIEM.
D. Run a credentialed vulnerability scan

Question # 21

A systems administrator wants to enforce me use of HTTPS on a new website. Which of the following should the systems administrator do NEXT after generating the CSR?

A. Install the certificate on the server
B. Provide the public key to the CA
C. Password protect the public key
D. Ensure the new key is not on the CRL

Question # 22

A user attempts to send an email to an external domain and quickly receives a bounceback message. The user then contacts the help desk stating the message is important and needs to be delivered immediately. While digging through the email logs, a systems administrator finds the email and bounce-back details:Your email has been rejected because It appears to contain SSN Information. Sending SSN information via email external recipients violates company policy.Which of the following technologies successfully stopped the email from being sent?


Question # 23

Which of the following is MOST likely the security impact of continuing to operate end-oflife systems?

A. Higher total cost of ownership due to support costs
B. Denial of service due to patch availability
C. Lack of vendor support for decommissioning
D. Support for legacy protocols

Question # 24

An organization uses multifactor authentication to restrict local network access. It requires a PIV and a PIN. Which of the following factors is the organization using?

A. Something you have; something you are
B. Something you know, something you do
C. Something you do, something you are
D. Something you have, something you know

Question # 25

An organization uses simulated phishing attacks on its users to better prepare them to recognize actual phishing attacks and get them accustomed to reporting the attacks to the security team. This is an example of: 

A. baselining 
B. user training
C. stress testing
D. continuous monitoring

Question # 26

An attacker has gained control of several systems on the Internet and is using them to attach a website, causing it to stop responding to legitimate traffic Which of the following BEST describes the attack?

B. DNS poisoning
C. Buffer overflow

Question # 27

A newly hired Chief Security Officer (CSO) is reviewing the company's IRP and notices the procedures for zero-day malware attacks are being poorly executed, resulting m the CSIRT failing to address and coordinate malware removal from the system. Which of the following phases would BEST address these shortcomings?

A. Identification
B. Lessons learned
C. Recovery
D. Preparation
E. Eradication

Question # 28

During certain vulnerability scanning scenarios, It is possible for the target system to react in unexpected ways. This type of scenario is MOST commonly known as:

A. intrusive testing.
B. a butter overflow.
C. a race condition
D. active reconnaissance.

Question # 29

Which of the following types of vulnerability scans typically returns more detailed and thorough insights into actual system vulnerabilities?

A. Non-credentialed
B. Intrusive
C. Credentialed
D. Non-Intrusive

Question # 30

During a penetration test, Joe, an analyst, contacts the target's service desk Impersonating a user, he attempts to obtain assistance with resetting an email password. Joe claims this needs to be done as soon as possible, as he is the vice president of sales and does not want to contact the Chief Operations Officer (COO) for approval, since the COO is on vacation. When challenged. Joe reaffirms that he needs this done immediately, and threatens to contact the service desk supervisor over the issue. Which of the following social engineering principles is Joe employing in this scenario'? (Select TWO)

A. Intimidation
B. Consensus
C. Familiarity
D. Scarcity
E. Authority

Question # 31

Exercising various programming responses for the purpose of gaming insight into a system's security posture without exploiting the system is BEST described as.

A. passive security control testing.
B. control gap analysis
C. peer-conducted code review.
D. non-intrusive scanning

Question # 32

Which of the following is the BEST example of a reputation impact identified during a risk assessment?

A. A bad software patch taking down the production systems.
B. A misconfigured firewall exposing intellectual properly to the internet.
C. An attacker defacing the e-commerce portal.
D. Malware collecting credentials for company bank accounts.

Question # 33

A security administration a hardening a VPN connection. Recently, company pre-shared keys were hijacked during an MITM attack and reused to breach the VPN connection. Which of the following should the security administrator do to BEST address this issue?

A. Implement PIG
B. Implement IPSec
C. Implement TLS
D. Implement PFS

Question # 34

A security team has completed the installation of a new server. The OS and applications have been patched and tested, and the server is ready to be deployed. Which of the following actions should be taken before deploying the new server? 

A. Disable the default accounts.
B. Run a penetration test on the network.
C. Create a DMZ In which to place the server.
D. validate the integrity of the patches.

Question # 35

Which of the following controls does a mantrap BEST represent?

A. Deterrent
B. Detective
C. Physical
D. Corrective 

Question # 36

A technician is implementing 802 1X with dynamic VLAN assignment based on a user Active Directory group membership Which of the following configurations supports the VLAN definitions?

A. RADIUS attribute 
B. SAML tag
C. LDAP path 
D. Shibboleth IdP 

Question # 37

Proprietary information was sent by an employee to a distribution list that included external email addresses. Which of the following BEST describes the incident that occurred and the threat actor in this scenario?

A. Social engineering by a hacktivist
B. MITM attack by a script kiddle
C. Unintentional disclosure by an insider
D. Corporate espionage by a competitor

Question # 38

A security analyst has recently deployed an MDM solution that requires biometric authentication for company-issued smartphones As the solution was implemented the help desk has seen a dramatic increase in calls by employees frustrated that company-issued phones take several attempts to unlock using the fingerprint scanner Which of the following should be reviewed to mitigate this problem?

A. Crossover error rate
B. False acceptance rate
C. False rejection rate
D. True rejection rate 

Question # 39

A software development company needs to augment staff by hiring consultants for a highstakes project The project has the following requirements:• Consultants will have access to flighty confidential, proprietary data.• Consultants will not be provided with company-owned assets.• Work needs to start Immediately.• Consultants will be provided with Internal email addresses for communications.Which of the following solutions is the BEST method lor controlling data exfiltration during this project? 

A. Require that all consultant activity be restricted to a secure VDI environment. 
B. Require the consultants to sign an agreement stating they will only use the companyprovided email address for communications during the project. 
C. Require updated antivirus. USB blocking, and a host-based firewall on all consultant devices. 
D. Require the consultants to conned to the company VPN when accessing confidential resources. 

Question # 40

A company is implementing a remote access portal so employees can work remotely from home. The company wants to implement a solution that would securely integrate with a third party. Which of the following is the BEST solution?

C. Secure token

Question # 41

An organization prefers to apply account permissions to groups and not individual users, but allows for exceptions that are justified. Some systems require a machine-to-machine data exchange and an associated account to perform this data exchange. One particular system has data in a folder that must be modified by another system. No user requires access to this folder; only the other system needs access to this folder. Which of the following is the BEST account management practice?

A. Create a service account and apply the necessary permissions directly to the service account itself  
B. Create a service account group, place the service account in the group, and apply the permissions on the group 
C. Create a guest account and restrict the permissions to only the folder with the data. 
D. Create a generic account that will only be used for accessing the folder, but disable the account until it is needed for the data exchange 
E. Create a shared account that administrators can use to exchange the data but audit the shared account activity. 

Question # 42

A penetration tester is testing passively for vulnerabilities on a company's network. Which of the following tools should the penetration tester use? (Select TWO).

A. Zenmap
B. Wireshark
C. Nmap
D. tcpdump
E. Nikto
F. Snort

Question # 43

Buffer overflow can be avoided using proper.

A. memory leak prevention
B. memory reuse
C. input validation
D. implementation of ASLR

Question # 44

A company is looking for an all-in-one solution to provide identification authentication, authorization, and accounting services. Which of the following technologies should the company use?

A. Diameter
C. Kerberos

Question # 45

Which of the following should a company require prior to performing a penetration test?

B. CVE score
C. Data classification
D. List of threats

Question # 46

Which of the following impacts MOST likely results from poor exception handling?

A. Widespread loss of confidential data
B. Network-wide resource exhaustion
C. Privilege escalation
D. Local disruption of services

Question # 47

A technician is installing a new SIEM and is configuring the system to count the number of times an event occurs at a specific logical location before the system takes action. Which of the following BEST describes the feature being configured by the technician? 

A. Correlation
B. Aggregation
C. Event deduplication
D. Flood guard 

Question # 48

An organization uses an antivirus scanner from Company A on its firewall, an email system antivirus scanner from Company B. and an endpoint antivirus scanner from Company C. This is an example of: 

A. unified threat management.
B. an OVAL system.
C. vendor diversity.
D. alternate processing sites.

Question # 49

The Chief information Officer (CIO) has decided to add two-factor authentication along with the use of passwords when logging on to the network. Which of the following should be implemented to BEST accomplish this requirement?

A Require users to enter a PIN
B Require users to set complex passwords
C. Require users to insert a smart card when logging on
D. Require the system to use a CAPTCHA

Question # 50

Which of the following security controls BEST mitigates social engineering attacks?

A. Separation of duties
B. Least privilege
C. User awareness training
D. Mandatory vacation

Question # 51

A technician wants to implement PKI-based authentication on an enterprise wireless network. Which of the following should configure to enforce the use for client-site certificates?

A. 802.1X with PEAP
D. RADIUS Federation

Question # 52

When choosing a hashing algorithm for storing passwords in a web server database, which of the following is the BEST explanation for choosing HMAC-MD5 over simple MD5?

A. HMAC provides hardware acceleration thus speeding up authentication
B. HMAC adds a transport layer handshake which improves authentication
C. HMAC-MD5 can be decrypted taster speeding up performance
D. HMAC-M05 is more resistant to brute forcing

Question # 53

An organization has created a review process to determine how to best handle data with different sensitivity levels. The process includes the following requirements:• Soft copy Pll must be encrypted.• Hard copy Pll must be placed In a locked container.• Soft copy PHI must be encrypted and audited monthly. • Hard copy PHI must be placed in a locked container and inventoried monthly.Locked containers must be approved and designated for document storage. Any violations must be reported to the Chief Security Officer {CSO}.While searching for coffee in the kitchen, an employee unlocks a cabinet and discovers a list of customer names and phone numbers. Which of the following actions should the employee take?

A. Put the document back in the cabinet, lock the cabinet, and report the incident to the CSO. 
B. Take custody of the document, secure it at a desk, and report the incident to the CSO.
C. Take custody of the document and immediately report the incident to the CSO.
D. Put the document back in the cabinet, inventory the contents, lock the cabinet, and report the incident to the CSO.

Question # 54

An administrator is setting up automated remote file transfers to another organization. The other organization has the following requirements for the connection protocol.• Encryption in transit is required• Mutual authentication must be used.• Certificate authentication must be used {no passwords).Which of the following should the administrator choose?


Question # 55

An auditor is requiring an organization to perform real-time validation of SSL certificates Which of the following should the organization implement?


Question # 56

A pass-the-hash attack is commonly used to:

A. modify DNS records to point to a different domains.
B. modify the IP address of the targeted computer.
C. execute java script to capture user credentials.
D. laterally move across the network. 

Question # 57

A security analyst is asked to check the configuration of the company's DNS service on the server. Which of the following command line tools should the analyst use to perform the Initial assessment?

A. nslookup/dlg
B. traced
C. ipconfig/ifconfig
D. tcpdump

Question # 58

An organization's Chief Information Officer (CIO) read an article that identified leading hacker trends and attacks, one of which is the alteration of URLs to IP addresses resulting in users being redirected to malicious websites. To reduce the chance of this happening in the organization, which of the following secire protocols should be implemented?

B. IPSec

Question # 59

Which of the following are disadvantages of full backups? (Select THREE) 

A. They rely on other backups tor recovery
B. They require the most storage.
C. They demand the most bandwidth.
D. They have the slowest recovery time
E. They are impossible in virtual environments
F. They require on-site storage.
G. They are time-consuming to complete.

Question # 60

A security administrator has been conducting an account permissions review that has identified several users who belong to functional groups and groups responsible for auditing the functional groups' actions. Several recent outages have not been able to be traced to any user. Which of the following should the security administrator recommend to preserve future audit tag integrity?

A. Enforcing stricter onboarding workflow policies.
B. Applying least privilege to user group membership.
C. Following standard naming conventions for audit group users.
D. Restricting audit group membership to service accounts.

Question # 61

A network administrator is configuring a honeypot in a company's DMZ To provide a method for hackers to access the system easily, the company needs to configure a plaintext authentication method that will send only the username and password to a service in the honeypot. Which of the following protocols should the company use?

A. OAuth
D. Shibboleth

Question # 62

An analysis of a threat actor, which has been active for several years, reveals the threat actor has high levels of funding, motivation, and sophistication. Which of the following types of threat actors does this BEST describe?

A. Advanced persistent threat
B. Hacktivist
C. Organized crime
D. Insider

Question # 63

After a breach, a company has decided to implement a solution to better understand the technique used by the attackers. Which of the following is the BEST solution to be deployed?

A. Network analyzer
B. Protocol analyzer
C. Honeypot network
D. Configuration compliance scanner

Question # 64

A security analyst recommends implementing SSL for an existing web service. A technician installs the SSL certificate and successfully tests the connection on the server Soon after, the help desk begins receiving calls from users who are unable to log in After further investigation, it becomes clear that no users have successfully logged in since the certificate installation. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue? 

A. Incorrect firewall rules are blocking HTTPS traffic.
B. Users are still accessing the IP address and not the HTTPS address.
C. Workstations need an updated trusted sites list
D. Users are not using tokens to log on.

Question # 65

A technician is evaluating a security appliance solution. The company needs a system that continues to pass traffic if the system crashes. Which of the following appliance feature would BEST meet the company’s needs? 

A. Fall closed.
B. Fall Secure
C. Fall Safe
D. Fall open

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