Huawei H12-311 Exam Dumps

Huawei H12-311 Exam Dumps


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Update Date : June 20, 2024
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Huawei H12-311 Sample Questions

Question # 1

To configure a WLAN service, you need to add an AC to the U2000.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 2

The cable used in the project cannot theoretically exceed the meter.

A. 50 
B. 80 
C. 100 
D. 150 

Question # 3

Which of the following are factors that need to be considered for AP capacity planning(Select 3 Answers)

A. Equipment performance 
B. Number of concurrent users 
C. Bandwidth requirements 
D. Power supply type 

Question # 4

Which of the following features (BCD) (Select 3 Answers) is available for the HuaweiWLAN Planning Tool.

A. Support automatic identification and identification of obstacles 
B. Support common coverage area and key coverage area division 
C. Support automatic deployment of AP location 
D. Support WLAN planning report for export specification 

Question # 5

What are the general methods for solving co-channel interference (ABD) (Select 3Answers).

A. Adjust AP transmit power and adjust antenna feed 
B. Reasonable frequency reuse to ensure that the same channel does not appear in thesame or adjacent coverage area 
C. Multi-directional coverage using omnidirectional antennas 
D. Natural isolation using obstacles 

Question # 6

For the polarization of electromagnetic waves, the following description is correct (Select 3Answers).

A. The antenna radiates electromagnetic waves to the surrounding space, and the directionof the electric field changes according to a certain law. 
B. The polarization of the antenna refers to the direction of the magnetic field strengthformed by the antenna radiation. 
C. If the electric field of the electric wave is perpendicular to the ground, we call it avertically polarized wave. 
D. If the transmitting antenna is circularly polarized, the receiving antenna must also becircularly polarized, and both polarization directions must be the same 

Question # 7

The cable used in the project cannot theoretically exceed the meter.

A. 50 
B. 80 
C. 100
D. 150 

Question # 8

To configure a WLAN service, you need to add an AC to the U2000.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 9

 When WLAN planning is performed in a single area, the factors affecting the number ofAPs deployed are (Select 3 Answers).

A. Number of people accessing in the area 
B. Size of the area 
C. Field strength and bandwidth requirements 
D. Number of network ports 

Question # 10

The following is not the AP binding template .

A. Radio frequency template 
B. AP template 
C. ESS template 
D. Planning table template 

Question # 11

Among the following obstacles, has the greatest loss of wireless signals.

A. Gypsum ceiling 
B. Glass 
C. 120mm Brick wall 
D. 200mm Concrete wall 

Question # 12

The size of the coverage area of the AP is controlled by means (Select 2 Answers).

A. Adjust the angle of the AP antenna 
B. Adjust the transmit power of the AP 
C. Adjusting the power supply of the AP 
D. Adjusting the access bandwidth of the AP 

Question # 13

Which of the following options are EDCA parameters (Select 2 Answers)?

D. TXOPLimit 

Question # 14

If the AP's transmit power is 1mW, it is converted to dBm and then dBm.

A. 20 
B. 1 
C. 0 
D. 10 

Question # 15

How many management nodes (B) does the eSight Standard Edition support?

A. 60 
B. 2000 
C. 5000 
D. 20000 

Question # 16

The correct statement about WDS is (Select 2 Answers)?

A. Connect two separate LAN segments through a wireless bridge and provide datatransmission between them 
B. WDS uses the 2.4GHz band as the bridge frequency band by default. 
C. Scalability is good, and there is no need to lay new wired connections and deploy moreAPs 
D. Huawei indoor AP does not support WDS function. 

Question # 17

Which of the following WLAN signals pass through (Select 2 Answers).

A. Gypsum board 
B. Glass window (colorless) 
C. Concrete wall 
D. Brick wall 

Question # 18

The systematic process of AP RF resource management is.

A. Acquisition -> Decision -> Analysis -> Execution 
B. Analysis -> Acquisition -> Decision -> Execution 
C. Acquisition -> Analysis -> Execution -> Decision 
D. Acquisition -> Analysis -> Decision -> Execution 

Question # 19

The port number of the control packet of the CAPWAP tunneling protocol is

A. 1645 
B. 1646 
C. 5246 
D. 5247 

Question # 20

Metal objects have a greater attenuation of the wireless signal, and the AP or antennashould be placed behind a metal ceiling or the like.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 21

The omnidirectional antenna exhibits a degree of on the horizontal pattern.

A. 90 
B. 180 
C. 360 
D. 0 

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