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Isaca CISM Exam Dumps

Certified Information Security Manager

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Update Date : June 05, 2024
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Isaca CISM Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company has a remote office located in a different country. The company's chief information security officer (CISO) has just learned of a new regulatory requirement mandated by the country of the remote office. Which of the following should be the NEXT step? 

A. Create separate security policies and procedures for the new regulation.  
B. Evaluate whether the new regulation impacts information security.  
C. Integrate new requirements into the corporate policies.  
D. Implement the requirement at the remote office location.  

Question # 2

An anomaly-based intrusion detection system (IDS) operates by gathering data on: 

A. normal network behavior and using it as a baseline for measuring abnormal activity.  
B. abnormal network behavior and issuing instructions to the firewall to drop rogue connections. 
C. abnormal network behavior and using it as a baseline for measuring normal activity.  
D. attack pattern signatures from historical data.  

Question # 3

Which of the following should be the PRIMARY basis for an information security strategy? 

A. Results of a comprehensive gap analysis  
B. The organization's vision and mission  
C. Audit and regulatory requirements  
D. Information security policies  

Question # 4

Which of the following BEST determines the allocation of resources during a security incident response?

A. Defined levels of severity  
B. Senior management commitment  
C. A business continuity plan (BCP)  
D. An established escalation process  

Question # 5

An online trading company discovers that a network attack has penetrated the firewall. What should be the information security manager's FIRST response?

A. Examine firewall logs to identify the attacker.  
B. Notify the regulatory agency of the incident.  
C. Implement mitigating controls.  
D. Evaluate the impact to the business.  

Question # 6

Using which of the following metrics will BEST help to determine the resiliency of IT infrastructure security controls?

A. Number of incidents resulting in disruptions  
B. Number of successful disaster recovery tests  
C. Frequency of updates to system software  
D. Percentage of outstanding high-risk audit issues  

Question # 7

A multinational organization is required to follow governmental regulations with different security requirements at each of its operating locations. The chief information security officer (CISO) should be MOST concerned with:

A. using industry best practice to meet local legal regulatory requirements.  
B. developing a security program that meets global and regional requirements.  
C. monitoring compliance with defined security policies and standards.  
D. ensuring effective communication with local regulatory bodies.  

Question # 8

The information security manager of a multinational organization has been asked to consolidate the information security policies of its regional locations. Which of the following would be of GREATEST concern?

A. Conflicting legal requirements  
B. Varying threat environments  
C. Disparate reporting lines  
D. Differences in work culture  

Question # 9

Which of the following is the MOST important consideration when developing information security objectives?

A. They are regularly reassessed and reported to stakeholders.  
B. They are identified using global security frameworks and standards.  
C. They are approved by the IT governance function.  
D. They are clear and can be understood by stakeholders.  

Question # 10

An organization is considering the deployment of encryption software and systems organization-wide. The MOST important consideration should be whether:

A. the business strategy includes exceptions to the encryption standard.  
B. the implementation supports the business strategy.  
C. data can be recovered if the encryption keys are misplaced.  
D. a classification policy has been developed to incorporate the need for encryption.  

Question # 11

Following a significant change to the underlying code of an application, it is MOST important for the information security manager to:

A. validate the user acceptance testing (UAT).  
B. update the risk assessment.  
C. modify key risk indicators (KRIs).  
D. inform senior management.  

Question # 12

An information security manager wants to implement a security information and event management (SIEM) system that will aggregate log data from all systems that control perimeter access. Which of the following would BEST support the business case for this initiative to senior management?

A. Alignment with industry best practices  
B. Independent evidence of a SIEM system's ability to reduce risk  
C. Industry examples of threats detected using a SIEM system  
D. Metrics related to the number of systems to be consolidated  

Question # 13

A financial company executive is concerned about recently increasing cyberattacks and needs to take action to reduce risk. The organization would BEST respond by: 

A. increasing budget and staffing levels for the incident response team.  
B. testing the business continuity plan (BCP).  
C. implementing an intrusion detection system (IDS).  
D. revalidating and mitigating risks to an acceptable level.  

Question # 14

Which of the following is an Information security manager's BEST recommendation to senior management following a breach at the organization's Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor?

A. Terminate the relationship with the vendor.  
B. Update the vendor risk assessment.  
C. Engage legal counsel.  
D. Renegotiate the vendor contract.  

Question # 15

Which of the following provides the MOST comprehensive information related to an organization's current risk profile?

A. Gap analysis results  
B. Risk assessment results  
C. Risk register  
D. Heat map  

Question # 16

Implementing the principle of least privilege PRIMARILY requires the identification of: 

A. primary risk factors.
B. job duties.  
C. authentication controls.  
D. data owners.  

Question # 17

To prevent ransomware attacks, it is MOST important to ensure:

A. adequate backup and restoration processes are in place.
B. regular security awareness training is conducted.
C. updated firewall software is installed.
D. the latest security appliances are installed

Question # 18

Which of the following is MOST important for an organization to have in place to determine the effectiveness of information security governance?

A. Key risk indicators (KRIs)  
B. Security strategy  
C. Program metrics  
D. Risk register  

Question # 19

For the information security manager, integrating the various assurance functions of an organization is important PRIMARILY to enable:

A. consistent security.  
B. a security-aware culture.  
C. comprehensive audits.  
D. compliance with policy.  

Question # 20

Regular vulnerability scanning on an organization's internal network has identified thatmany user workstations have unpatched versions of software. What is the BEST way forthe information security manager to help senior management understand the related risk?

A. Send regular notifications directly to senior managers.
B. Include the impact of the risk as part of regular metrics.
C. Recommend the security steering committee conduct a review.
D. Update the risk assessment at regular intervals.

Question # 21

Which of the following is the BEST method to ensure compliance with passwordstandards?

A. A user-awareness program
B. Using password-cracking software
C. Automated enforcement of password syntax rules
D. Implementing password-synchronization software

Question # 22

Which of the following BEST demonstrates the added value of an information security program?

A. A SWOT analysis  
B. A gap analysis  
C. Security baselines  
D. A balanced scorecard  

Question # 23

Several months after the installation of a new firewall with intrusion prevention features toblock malicious activity, a breach was discovered that came in through the firewall shortlyafter installation. This breach could have been detected earlier by implementing firewall:

A. packet filtering.
B. web surfing controls.
C. log monitoring.
D. application awareness.

Question # 24

An organization's information security manager reads on social media that a recently purchased vendor product has been compromised and customer data has been posted online. What should the information security manager do FIRST?

A. Activate the incident response program.
B. Validate the risk to the organization.
C. Perform a business impact analysis (BIA).
D. Notify local law enforcement agencies of a breach. 

Question # 25

Which of the following should be an information security manager's MAIN concern if the same digital signing certificate is able to be used by two or more users?

A. Certificate alteration  
B. Potential to decrypt digital hash values  
C. Segregation of duties  
D. Inability to validate identity of sender  

Question # 26

Which of the following is necessary to determine what would constitute a disaster for anorganization?

A. Recovery strategy analysis
B. Backup strategy analysis
C. Threat probability analysis
D. Risk analysis

Question # 27

Which of the following BEST indicates an effective vulnerability management program? 

A. Security incidents are reported in a timely manner.
B. Threats are identified accurately.
C. Controls are managed proactively.
D. Risks are managed within acceptable limits. 

Question # 28

An information security manager finds a legacy application has no defined data owner. Of the following, who would be MOST helpful in identifying the appropriate data owner? 

A. The individual who manages the process supported by the application.  
B. The individual responsible for providing support for the application.  
C. The individual who has the most privileges within the application  
D. The individual who manages users of the application  

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