Microsoft DP-300 Exam Dumps

Microsoft DP-300 Exam Dumps

Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure

227 Questions & Answers with Explanation
Update Date : May 20, 2024
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Microsoft DP-300 Sample Questions

Question # 1

You need to design a data retention solution for the Twitter feed data records. The solutionmust meet the customer sentiment analytics requirements.Which Azure Storage functionality should you include in the solution?

A. time-based retention 
B. change feed 
C. lifecycle management 
D. soft delete 

Question # 2

You need to implement the surrogate key for the retail store table. The solution must meetthe sales transaction dataset requirements.What should you create?

A. a table that has a FOREIGN KEY constraint 
B. a table the has an IDENTITY property 
C. a user-defined SEQUENCE object 
D. a system-versioned temporal table 

Question # 3

You have a new Azure subscription. You create an Azure SQL Database instance named DB1 on an Azure SQL Database server named Server1. You need to ensure that users can connect to DB1 in the event of an Azure regional outage. In the event of an outage, applications that connect to DB1 must be able to connect without having to update the connection strings. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. 

A. From the properties of DB1. configure geo-replication. 
B. From the properties of Server1 add a failover group. 
C. Create a new Azure SQL Database server named Server2. 
D. From the properties of Server1 configure retention for DB1 
E. Create a new Azure SQL Database instance named DB2. 

Question # 4

You have a Microsoft SQL Server 2017 server. You need to migrate the server to Azure. The solution must meet the following requirements: • Ensure that the latest version of SQL Server is used. • Support the SQL Server Agent service. Minimize administrative effort. What should you use? 

A. SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines
 B. Azure SQL Database 
C. an Azure SQL Database elastic pool 
D. Azure SQL Managed Instance

Question # 5

Your on-premises network contains a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 server that hosts a database named db1. You have an Azure subscription. You plan to migrate db1 to an Azure SQL managed instance. You need to create the SQL managed instance. The solution must minimize the disk latency of the instance. Which service tier should you use? 

A. Hyperscale 
B. General Purpose
 C. Premium 
D. Business Critical 

Question # 6

You have a on-premises Microsoft SQL Server named SQL1 that hosts five databases. You need to migrate the databases to an Azure SQL managed instance. The solution must minimize downtime and prevent data loss. What should you use? 

A. log shipping 
B. Always On availability groups 
C. Database Migration Assistant 
D. Backup and Restore 

Question # 7

You have an Azure SQL managed instance named MI1. You need to implement automatic tuning for the databases of MI1. What should you do? 

A. Use the REST API to call the patch operation and modify the AutomaticTuningServerMode property. 
B. Use Transact-SQL to enable the force_last_good_plan option. 
C. From the Azure portal, configure automatic tuning. 

Question # 8

Your on-premises network contains a server that hosts a 60-TB database named DB 1. The network has a 10-Mbps internet connection. You need to migrate DB 1 to Azure. The solution must minimize how long it takes to migrate the database. What should you use?

A. Azure Migrate 
B. Data Migration Assistant (DMA) 
C. Azure Data BOX 
D. Azure Database Migration Service 

Question # 9

You have an instance of SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machine named SQL1. You need to monitor SQL1 and query the metrics by using Kusto query language. The solution must minimize administrative effort. Where should you store the metrics?

 A. a Log Analytics workspace 
B. Azure Event Hubs 
C. Azure SQL Database 
D. an Azure Blob storage container 

Question # 10

You have two on-premises Microsoft SQL Server 2019 instances named SQL1 and SQL2. You need to migrate the databases hosted on SQL 1 to Azure. The solution must meet the following requirements: The service that hosts the migrated databases must be able to communicate with SQL2 by using linked server connections. Administrative effort must be minimized. What should you use to host the databases?

A. a single Azure SQL database
 B. an Azure SQL Database elastic pool 
C. SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines 
D. Azure SQL Managed Instance 

Question # 11

You have an Azure SQL database named DB1. You have a table name Table1 that has 20 columns of type CHAR(400). Row compression for Table1 is enabled. During a database audit, you discover that none of the fields contain more than 150 characters. You need to ensure that you can apply page compression to Table1. What should you do?

A. Configure the columns as sparse. 
B. Change the column type to nvarchar (MAX). 
C. Change the column type to varchar (MAX). 
D. Change the column type to varchar (200). 

Question # 12

You have four Azure subscriptions. Each subscription contains multiple Azure SQL databases. You need to update the column and index statistics for the databases. What should you use?

A. an Azure Automation runbook 
B. a SQL Agent job 
C. Azure SQL Analytics 
D. automatic tuning in Azure SQL Database 

Question # 13

You have an Azure SQL database named db1 on a server named server1. The Intelligent Insights diagnostics log identifies queries that cause performance issues due to tempDB contention.You need to resolve the performance issues. What should you do?

A. Implement memory-optimized tables. 
B. Run the dbcc flushprocindB command. 
C. Replace the sequential index keys with nonsequential keys. 
D. Run the dbcc dbreindex command. 

Question # 14

You have an on-premises Microsoft SQL Server 2019 server that hosts a database named DB1. You have an Azure subscription that contains an Azure SQL managed instance namedSQLMI1 and a virtual network named VNET1. SQLMI1 resides on VNET1. The onpremises network connects to VNET1 by using an ExpressRoute connection. You plan to migrate DB1 to SQLMI1 by using Azure Database Migration Service. You need to configure VNET1 to support the migration. What should you do?

A. Configure service endpoints. 
B. Configure virtual network peering. 
C. Deploy an Azure firewall. 
D. Configure network security groups (NSGs). 

Question # 15

You have an Azure SQL managed instance. You need to enable SQL Agent Job email notifications. What should you do?

A. Use the Agent XPs option. 
B. Enable the SQL Server Agent. 
C. Run the sp_configure command. 
D. Run the sp set_agent properties command. 

Question # 16

You need to migrate an on-premises Microsoft SQL Server database to Azure SQL Database. The solution must minimize downtime. What should you do?

A. Configure Transaction Log Shipping. 
B. Implement Always On availability groups. 
C. C. Configure transactional replication. 
D. Import a BACPAC. 

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