Palo-Alto-Networks PCNSA Exam Dumps

Palo-Alto-Networks PCNSA Exam Dumps

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PAN-OS 10.0)

296 Questions & Answers with Explanation
Update Date : May 20, 2024
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Palo-Alto-Networks PCNSA Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which Security profile would you apply to identify infected hosts on the protected network using DNS traffic? 

A. URL traffic 
B. vulnerability protection 
C. anti-spyware 
D. antivirus 

Question # 2

Which two firewall components enable you to configure SYN flood protection thresholds? (Choose two.)

A. QoS profile 
B. DoS Protection profile 
C. Zone Protection profile 
D. DoS Protection policy 

Question # 3

What is the main function of Policy Optimizer? 

A. reduce load on the management plane by highlighting combinable security rules 
B. migrate other firewall vendors' security rules to Palo Alto Networks configuration 
C. eliminate œLog at Session Start security rules
D. convert port-based security rules to application-based security rules 

Question # 4

How does an administrator schedule an Applications and Threats dynamic update while delaying installation of the update for a certain amount of time?

A. Disable automatic updates during weekdays 
B. Automatically œdownload and install but with the œdisable new applications option used 
C. Automatically œdownload only and then install Applications and Threats later, after the administrator approves the update
D. Configure the option for œThreshold 

Question # 5

You receive notification about new malware that infects hosts through malicious files transferred by FTP. Which Security profile detects and protects your internal networks from this threat after you update your firewall's threat signature database?

A. URL Filtering profile applied to inbound Security policy rules. 
B. Data Filtering profile applied to outbound Security policy rules. 
C. Antivirus profile applied to inbound Security policy rules. 
D. Vulnerability Prote ction profile applied to outbound Security policy rules. 

Question # 6

Which rule type is appropriate for matching traffic both within and between the source and destination zones?

A. interzone 
B. shadowed 
C. intrazone 
D. universal 

Question # 7

What must be considered with regards to content updates deployed from Panorama? 

A. Content update schedulers need to be configured separately per device group. 
B. Panorama can only install up to five content versions of the same type for potential rollback scenarios. 
C. A PAN-OS upgrade resets all scheduler configurations for content updates. 
D. Panorama can only download one content update at a time for content updates of the same type. 

Question # 8

During the packet flow process, which two processes are performed in application identification? (Choose two.)

A. pattern based application identification 
B. application override policy match 
C. session application identified 
D. application changed from content inspection 

Question # 9

What does an administrator use to validate whether a session is matching an expected NAT policy? 

A. system log 
B. test command 
C. threat log 
D. config audit 

Question # 10

What is the purpose of the automated commit recovery feature? 

A. It reverts the Panorama configuration. 
B. It causes HA synchronization to occur automatically between the HA peers after a push from Panorama.
C. It reverts the firewall configuration if the firewall recognizes a loss of connectivity to Panorama after the change
D. It generates a config log after the Panorama configuration successfully reverts to the last running configuration.

Question # 11

According to the best practices for mission critical devices, what is the recommended interval for antivirus updates?

A. by minute 
B. hourly 
C. daily 
D. weekly 

Question # 12

Which Security policy match condition would an administrator use to block traffic from IP addresses on the Palo Alto Networks EDL of Known Malicious IP Addresses list?

A. destination address 
B. source address
C. destination zone 
D. source zone 

Question # 13

URL categories can be used as match criteria on which two policy types? (Choose two.) 

A. authentication 
B. decryption 
C application override 

Question # 14

Starting with PAN-OS version 9.1, application dependency information is now reported in which two locations? (Choose two.)

A. on the App Dependency tab in the Commit Status window 
B. on the Policy Optimizer's Rule Usage page 
C. on the Application tab in the Security Policy Rule creation window 
D. on the Objects > Applications browser pages 

Question # 15

What action will inform end users when their access to Internet content is being restricted? 

A. Create a custom 'URL Category' object with notifications enabled. 
B. Publish monitoring data for Security policy deny logs. 
C. Ensure that the 'site access" setting for all URL sites is set to 'alert'. 
D. Enable 'Response Pages' on the interface providing Internet access. 

Question # 16

What is a recommended consideration when deploying content updates to the firewall from Panorama?

A. Before deploying content updates, always check content release version compatibility. 
B. Content updates for firewall A/P HA pairs can only be pushed to the active firewall. 
C. Content updates for firewall A/A HA pairs need a defined master device. 
D. After deploying content updates, perform a commit and push to Panorama. 

Question # 17

Which information is included in device state other than the local configuration? 

A. uncommitted changes 
B. audit logs to provide information of administrative account changes 
C. system logs to provide information of PAN-OS changes 
D. device group and template settings pushed from Panorama 

Question # 18

An administrator is troubleshooting an issue with traffic that matches the intrazone-default rule, which is set to default configuration. What should the administrator do?

A. change the logging action on the rule 
B. review the System Log 
C. refresh the Traffic Log 
D. tune your Traffic Log filter to include the dates 

Question # 19

When is the content inspection performed in the packet flow process? 

A. after the application has been identified 
B. after the SSL Proxy re-encrypts the packet 
C. before the packet forwarding process 
D. before session lookup 

Question # 20

During the App-ID update process, what should you click on to confirm whether an existing policy rule is affected by an App-ID update?

A. check now
B. review policies 
C. test policy match 
D. download 

Question # 21

When creating a custom URL category object, which is a valid type? 

A. domain match 
B. host names 
C. wildcard 
D. category match 

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