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PMI CAPM Exam Dumps

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

789 Questions & Answers with Explanation
Update Date : June 20, 2024
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PMI CAPM Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which of the following is an input to Direct and Manage Project Execution? 

A. Requested changes  
B. Approved change requests  
C. Work performance information  
D. Implemented defect repair  

Question # 2

Organizational planning impacts projects by means of project prioritization based on risk, funding, and an organizations:

A. Budget plan  
B. Resource plan  
C. Scope plan  
D. Strategic plan  

Question # 3

An output of the Create WBS process is: 

A. Scope baseline.  
B. Project scope statement.  
C. Organizational process assets.  
D. Requirements traceability matrix.  

Question # 4

Which tool or technique of Plan Quality involves comparing actual or planned practices to those of other projects to generate ideas for improvement and provide a basis by which to measure performance?

A. Histogram  
B. Quality audits  
C. Benchmarking  
D. Performance measurement analysis  

Question # 5

Which tool is used to develop technical details within the project management plan? 

A. Expert judgment  
B. Project management methodology  
C. Project management information system (PMIS)  
D. Project selection methods  

Question # 6

Conflict should be best addressed in which manner? 

A. Early, in private, using a direct, collaborative approach  
B. Early, in public, using an indirect, collaborative approach  
C. Early, in private, using an indirect, cooperative approach  
D. As late as possible, in public, using a direct, confrontational approach  

Question # 7

Which process is included in the Project Integration Management Knowledge Area? 

A. Manage Project Team  
B. Collect Requirements  
C. Sequence Activities  
D. Direct and Manage Project Work  

Question # 8

When does Monitor and Control Risks occur? 

A. At project initiation  
B. During work performance analysis  
C. Throughout the life of the project  
D. At project milestones  

Question # 9

Which tool and technique identifies inefficient and ineffective policies, processes, and procedures?

A. Scope audits  
B. Scope reviews  
C. Quality audits  
D. Control chart  

Question # 10

Which is an example of Administer Procurements? 

A. Negotiating the contract  
B. Authorizing contractor work  
C. Developing the statement of work  
D. Establishing evaluation criteria  

Question # 11

An output of the Develop Project Team process is: 

A. change requests  
B. team performance assessments  
C. project staff assignments  
D. project documents updates  

Question # 12

Which of the following involves making information available to project stakeholders in a timely manner?

A. Plan Communications  
B. Performance reporting  
C. Project status reports  
D. Distribute Information  

Question # 13

What is the function of a Project Management Office (PMO)? 

A. To focus on the coordinated planning, prioritization, and execution of projects and subprojects that are tied to the parent organizations or the client's overall business objectives. 
B. To coordinate and manage the procurement of projects relevant to the parent organization's business objectives and to administer the project charters accordingly. 
C. To administer performance reviews for the project manager and the project team members and to handle any personnel and payroll issues. 
D. To focus on the specified project objectives and to manage the scope, schedule, cost, and quality of the work packages. 

Question # 14

Which tools or techniques will a project manager use for Develop Project Team?

A. Negotiation
B. Roles and responsibilities
C. Recognition and rewards
D. Prizing and promoting

Question # 15

While implementing an approved change, a critical defect was introduced. Removing the defect will delay the product delivery. What is the MOST appropriate approach to managing this situation?

A. Utilize the change control process.  
B. Crash the schedule to fix the defect.  
C. Leave the defect in and work around it.  
D. Fast-track the remaining development.  

Question # 16

Which Project Management Process Group includes Collect Requirements, Define Activities, Sequence Activities, Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis, and Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis?

A. Initiating
B. Monitoring and Controlling
C. Planning
D. Closing

Question # 17

Which type of manager is assigned by the performing organization to lead the team that is responsible for achieving the project objectives?

A. Program  
B. Functional  
C. Project  
D. Portfolio  

Question # 18

Which defines the portion of work included in a contract for items being purchased or acquired?

A. Procurement management plan
B. Evaluation criteria
C. Work breakdown structure
D. Procurement statement of work

Question # 19

Which Process Group typically consumes the bulk of a project's budget? 

A. Monitoring and Controlling  
B. Executing  
C. Planning  
D. Initiating  

Question # 20

What is the name of the statistical method that helps identify which factors may influence specific variables of a product or process under development or in production?

A. Failure modes and effects analysis
B. Design of experiments
C. Quality checklist
D. Risk analysis

Question # 21

What is the name of a graphic display of project team members and their reporting relationships?

A. Role dependencies chart  
B. Reporting flow diagram  
C. Project organization chart  
D. Project team structure diagram  

Question # 22

Activity resource requirements and the resource breakdown structure (RBS) are outputs of which Project Time Management process?

A. Control Schedule
B. Define Activities
C. Develop Schedule
D. Estimate Activity Resources

Question # 23

Which schedule network analysis technique modifies the project schedule to account for limited resources?

A. Human resource planning
B. Fast tracking
C. Critical chain method
D. Rolling wave planning

Question # 24

Which process uses occurrence probability and impact on project objectives to assess the priority of identified risks? 

A. Identify Risks  
B. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis  
C. Plan Risk Management  
D. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis  

Question # 25

The project management processes presented in the PMBOK Guide® should:

A. always be applied uniformly.
B. be selected as appropriate by the sponsor.
C. be selected as appropriate by the project team.
D. be applied based on ISO guidelines.

Question # 26

Which of the seven basic quality tools is especially useful for gathering attributes data while performing inspections to identify defects?

A. Histograms  
B. Scatter diagrams  
C. Flowcharts  
D. Checksheets  

Question # 27

Which enterprise environmental factors are considered during Estimate Costs?

A. Market conditions and published commercial information
B. Company structure and market conditions
C. Commercial information and company structure
D. Existing human resources and market conditions

Question # 28

Which of the following is a narrative description of products, services, or results to be delivered by a project?

A. Project statement of work
B. Business case
C. Accepted deliverable
D. Work performance information

Question # 29

What type of planning is used where the work to be accomplished in the near term is planned in detail, while work in the future is planned at a higher level?

A. Finish-to-start planning
B. Rolling wave planning
C. Short term planning
D. Dependency determination

Question # 30

At which point of the project is the uncertainty the highest and the risk of failing the greatest?

A. Final phase of the project  
B. Start of the project  
C. End of the project  
D. Midpoint of the project  

Question # 31

Projects can be divided into phases to provide better management control. Collectively, what are these phases known as?

A. Complete project phase
B. Project life
C. The project life cycle
D. Project cycle

Question # 32

Which type of contract is most commonly used by buying organizations because the price for goods is set at the outset and is not subject to change unless the scope of work changes?

A. Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustments Contract (FP-EPA)  
B. Cost-Reimbursable Contract (CR)  
C. Firm-Fixed -Price Contract (FFP)  
D. Fixed-Price-Incentive-Fee Contract (FPIF)  

Question # 33

If the most likely duration of an activity is five weeks, the best-case duration is two weeks, and the worst-case duration is 14 weeks, how many weeks is the expected duration of the activity?

A. One
B. Five 
C. Six
D. Seven

Question # 34

An input of the Plan Procurement Management process is:

A. Make-or-buy decisions.
B. Activity cost estimates.
C. Seller proposals.
D. Procurement documents.

Question # 35

When an activity cannot be estimated with a reasonable degree of confidence, the work within the activity is decomposed into more detail using which type of estimating?

A. Bottom-up  
B. Parametric  
C. Analogous  
D. Three-point  

Question # 36

A project manager seeking insight on previous stakeholder management plans and their effectiveness should evaluate:

A. Historical information and the lessons-learned database.
B. Historical information and the stakeholder register.
C. Organizational process assets and the lessons-learned database.
D. Project documents and historical information.

Question # 37

The approaches, tools, and data sources that will be used to perform risk management on a project are determined by the:

A. Methodology  
B. Risk category  
C. Risk attitude  
D. Assumption analysis  

Question # 38

Which type of analysis is used to examine project results through time to determine if performance is improving or deteriorating?

A. Control chart
B. Earned value
C. Variance
D. Trend

Question # 39

A procurement management plan is a subsidiary of which other type of plan? 

A. Resource plan  
B. Project management plan  
C. Cost control plan  
D. Expected monetary value plan  

Question # 40

What cost control technique is used to compare actual project performance to planned or expected performance?

A. Cost aggregation
B. Trend analysis
C. Forecasting
D. Variance analysis

Question # 41

Which of the following is an output of the Monitor and Control Project Work process? 

A. Change requests  
B. Performance reports  
C. Organizational process assets  
D. Project management plan  

Question # 42

What is the total float of the critical path?

A. Can be any number
B. Zero or positive
C. Zero or negative
D. Depends on the calendar

Question # 43

The Human Resource Management processes are: 

A. Develop Human Resource Plan, Acquire Project Team, Develop Project Team, and Manage Project Team. 
B. Acquire Project Team, Manage Project Team, Manage Stakeholder Expectations, and Develop Project Team. 
C. Acquire Project Team, Develop Human Resource Plan, Conflict Management, and Manage Project Team. 
D. Develop Project Team, Manage Project Team, Estimate Activity Resources, and Acquire Project Team

Question # 44

Which of the following is an output of the Define Activities process?

A. Activity list
B. Project plan
C. Activity duration estimates
D. Project schedule

Question # 45

Which Knowledge Area is concerned with the processes required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval, and ultimate disposition of project information?

A. Project Integration Management  
B. Project Communications Management  
C. Project Information Management System (PIMS)  
D. Project Scope Management

Question # 46

Which illustrates the connection between work that needs to be done and its project team members?

A. Work breakdown structure (WBS)
B. Network diagrams
C. Staffing management plan
D. Responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)

Question # 47

Plan Risk Management is the process of defining how to: 

A. Communicate identified risks to the project stakeholders.  
B. Conduct risk management activities for a project.  
C. Analyze the impact a specific risk may have on the project.  
D. Address unexpected risks that may occur during a project.  

Question # 48

Which estimating technique uses the actual costs of previous similar projects as a basis for estimating the costs of the current project?

A. Analogous  
B. Parametric  
C. Bottom-up  
D. Top-down  

Question # 49

An electronics firm authorizes a new project to develop a faster, cheaper, and smaller laptop after improvements in the industry and electronics technology. With which of the following strategic considerations is this project mainly concerned?

A. Customer request
B. Market demand
C. Technological advance
D. Strategic opportunity

Question # 50

When can pre-assignment of project team members occur? 

A. When the project uses capital expenditures  
A. When the project uses capital expenditures  
C. When the project would be ignored due to travel expenses  
D. When the project is the result of specific people being promised as part of a competitive proposal 

Question # 51

Portfolio Management is management of:

A. a project by dividing the project into more manageable sub-projects.
B. a project by utilizing a portfolio of general management skills such as planning, organizing, staffing, executing, and controlling.
C. all projects undertaken by a company.
D. a collection of projects that are grouped together to facilitate effective management and meet strategic business objectives.

Question # 52

Work performance information and cost forecasts are outputs of which Project Cost Management process?

A. Estimate Costs  
B. Plan Cost Management  
C. Determine Budget  
D. Control Costs  

Question # 53

Which of the following statements best describes the influence of stakeholders and the cost of changes as project time advances?

A. The influence of the stakeholders increases, the cost of changes increases.  
B. The influence of the stakeholders decreases, the cost of changes increases.  
C. The influence of the stakeholders increases, the cost of changes decreases.  
D. The influence of the stakeholders decreases, the cost of changes decreases.  

Question # 54

Change requests are an output from which Project Integration Management process?

A. Direct and Manage Project Execution
B. Develop Project Management Plan
C. Close Project
D. Develop Project Charter

Question # 55

The scope management plan is a subsidiary of which project document? 

A. Schedule management plan  
B. Project management plan  
C. Quality management plan  
D. Resource management plan  

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