Salesforce Nonprofit-Cloud-Consultant Exam Dumps

Salesforce Nonprofit-Cloud-Consultant Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant (WI24)

270 Questions & Answers with Explanation
Update Date : June 05, 2024
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Salesforce Nonprofit-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

A nonprofit has significant staff turnover and wants to ensure that the purpose of Salesforce field customization is clearly understood by system admins who are new to the nonprofit.How should the consultant meet the requirement?

A. Run and view the Setup Audit Trail. 
B. Complete all field descriptions. 
C. Run the Schema Builder. 
D. Create a field history report. 

Question # 2

A nonprofit has implemented Program Management Module to satisfy the reporting requirements of a new grant. The funder expects to see a report that segmen&s servicesaccording to location. Which object will allow the nonprofit to satisfy the reporting requirements?

A. Program 
B. Service 
C. Program Engagement 
D. Program Cohort 

Question # 3

A nonprofit runs a large scholarship program for high-school graduates. It wants to use Salesforce to help with accepting external scholarship applications,reviewing processes,and tracking requirements. Which two solutions should the consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers

A. NPSP Opportunities with GAU Allocation 
B. Web-to-lead form 
C. Experience Cloud 
D. Outbound Funds Module 

Question # 4

A data administrator at a small nonprofit has 3 profile that allows them to Read, Create, Edit, and Delete on all objects. The staffmember receives an error when attempting tomerge three duplicate contacts. What should the consultant recommend to resolve this issue?

A. Tell the staff member to select only two instead of three contacts when using Contact Merge. 
B. Make the staff membera system admin. 
C. Create a Permission Set with Modify All on Contacts and Accounts and assign it to the staff member. 
D. Tell the staff member to merge Contacts from the View Duplicates component. 

Question # 5

A nonprofit sends direct mail appeals via a third-party mail house. The nonprofit pulls a report from NPSP to send to the mail house with address information for each constituentwho should receive an appeal. Some constituents prefer to receive mail at an address other than their primary household address. How should a consultant access a list of those who do not reside at their household mailing address?

A. Create a custom report type for Addresses and a filter for Address Override = True. 
B. Create a Contacts and Accounts report and add a filter for Address Override = True. 
C. Create a Contacts and Accounts report and add a filter for Primary Address Type - Other.  
D. Create a Campaign and run the Household Mailing List report. 

Question # 6

A nonprofit has high staff turnover in several key roles that use Salesforce. The nonprofit needs to improve training and adoption of Salesforce to maximize the value of its investment.Which two standard Salesforce tools can quickly help new staff use Salesforce with only a Sales or Service Cloud license? Choose 2 answers

A. Einstein Bots 
B. In-App Guidance 
C. Path 
D. myTrailhead 

Question # 7

A nonprofit plans to use the Program Management Module (PMM) to manage Its service delivery. Case managers must be able to create and edit service delivery records. How can the consultant change the configuration to meet this requirement?

A. Permission Sets 
B. Sharing Rules 
C. License Type 
D. Role Hierarchy 

Question # 8

A nationally federated nonprofit is implementing a single Salesforce org to provide shared fundraising services to its four regional affiliates. Each affiliate and the national nonprofitmust see only its own donor data. Which Salesforce feature would enable this level of record access?

A. Divisions 
B. Record Types 
C. Role Hierarchy 
D. Criteria-based sharing 

Question # 9

A nonprofit organization has white papers, case studies, and impact reports on itswebsite. The organization wants to track website visitors who download those assets. Once tracked,the organization wants to pursue the visitor as a constituent. Which solution should be considered?

A. Affiliation record 
B. Relationship record 
C. NPSP Settings 
D. Opportunity Settings 

Question # 10

A consultant is assisting a nonprofit in its data integration and mapping between two systems. The consultant is unsure when a particular field was added to NPSP.Where can the consultant find the NPSP version number for the field in question?

A. Schema Builder 
B. NPSP package details 
C. Custom field definition detail 
D. NPSPData Dictionary 

Question # 11

A nonprofit wants to collect information online about volunteers who are new to the nonprofit, including names and contact details, skill sets, and availability. The nonprofit already uses NPSP and Volunteers for Salesforce and wants to create a report with this information. What are two ways the consultant can meet the requirement? Choose 2 answers

A. Collect contact information during job sign up via Job Listings. 
B. Attach emails from volunteers with their information to Contact records. 
C. Set up a Personalized Volunteer Page on the nonprofit's website. 
D. Add the Volunteer Sign Up form to the nonprofit's website. 

Question # 12

The requirements for a Salesforce implementation have been gathered, but there are teams with competing priorities and the overall project goals are undefined. What are two reasons a project team must define goals? Choose 2 answers

A. Goals guarantee executive engagement. 
B. Goals provide a way to measure and prove results. 
C. Goals define a clear purpose for the project. 
D. Goals catalog all of the teams' pain points. 

Question # 13

A consultant is migrating historic donation records into a nonprofit's Salesforce org. Many of these donations were paid in multiple installments. Whatshould the consultant do to correctly match the Payments to the Opportunities?

A. Set the Stage field to "Closed Lost". 
B. Delete the automatically created payments. 
C. heck the Do Not Automatically Create Payment field. 
D. Change the Opportunity record type to an excluded value. 

Question # 14

A nonprofit using NPSP wants to track all donations that go to a designated fund. How should a consultant meet this requirement?

A. Create an Opportunity record type called "Funds". 
B. Create a General Accounting Unit record for the designated fund. 
C. Create a custom object to track fund accounts. 
D. Create a GAU Allocation record for the designated fund. 

Question # 15

A nonprofit wants to segment its constituents based on their donations from the prior fiscal year. The nonprofit wants to include only onetime gifts it received. Which NPSP feature should the consultant use tomeet this requirement?

A. Advanced Mapping 
B. Levels 
C. Customizable Rollups 
D. Engagement Plans 

Question # 16

A nonprofit is implementing Salesforce for program management. The nonprofit wants to measure user adoption after go-live. What are two metrics the nonprofit can use to measure user adoption' Choose 2 answers

A. Number of Opportunity records created in the last 30 days 
B. Number of Account and Contact records created in the last 30 days 
C. Percentage of staff logging in on a weekly basis 
D. Percentage of Leads converted on a weekly basis 

Question # 17

A nonprofit wants to integrate its existing proprietary event management system with Salesforce. Thenonprofit wants to automatically send event and attendee data from its external system and create Campaigns and Campaign Members in Salesforce on a daily basis. What should the consultant recommend?

A. Use a middleware tool to integrate the external systemwith Salesforce. 
B. Use NPSP Batch Data Import to schedule regular Imports from the external system. 
C. Use Salesforce Connect to integrate the external system with Salesforce. 
D. Use NPSP Data Importer Templates to import the necessary data. 

Question # 18

The development director wants all users to only see Engagement Plans on Opportunity records for donations with an Amount greater than 10,000. How should this be accomplished?

A. Add the Related List - Single Lightningcomponent to the Opportunity Lightning page. Add a component visibility filter to display the Engagement Wan when the Opportunity Amount field is greater than 10,000. 
B. Create a tab and associate the Engagement Plan object to the tab. Add the Related ListSingle Lightning component and set it to Engagement Plans. Give read access for the Engagement Plan object to all profiles. 
C. Create a custom Lightning component that displays all Engagement Plans. Add the component to the Opportunity Lightning Page. Assign the Lightning Page as the Org Default and Activate it. 
D. Add the Related Lists component to the Opportunity Lightning page. Set the component visibility filter to ensure the Opportunity Amount field is greater than 10,000. Assign the page to the development director's profile. 

Question # 19

The event manager for a nonprofit organization periodically imports a cleaned, structured list of event registrations. Now should the consultant set up the TDTM Trigger Handlers?

A. Disable Opportunity Contact Roletrigger handlers. 
B. Disable TDTM for specific users. 
C. Disable the Trigger Handler using Apex instead of TDTM. 
D. Disable TDTM for all users. 

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