ServiceNow CSA Exam Dumps

ServiceNow CSA Exam Dumps

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

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Update Date : November 27, 2023
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ServiceNow CSA Sample Questions

Question # 1

What is NOT an example of a UI Action?

A. Search 
B. Form buttons 
C. list Buttons 
D. Related Links 

Question # 2

Access Control rules may be defined with which of the following permission requirements? (Choose three.)

A. Roles 
B. Conditional Expressions 
C. Assignment Rules 
D. Scripts 
E. User Criteria 
F. Groups 

Question # 3

How are Workflows moved between instances?

A. Workflows are moved using Update Sets 
B. Workflows are moved using Transform Maps 
C. Workflows are moved using Application Sets 
D. Workflows cannot be moved between instances 

Question # 4

What is the platform name for the User table?

A. u_users 
B. sys_users 
C. x_users 
D. sys_user 

Question # 5

Which one of the following statements describes the purpose of a Service Catalog workflow?

A. A Service Catalog workflow generates three basic components: item variable types, tasks, and approvals 
B. Although a Service Catalog workflow cannot send notifications, the workflow drives complex fulfillment processes 
C. A Service Catalog workflow is used to drive complex fulfillment processes and sends notifications to defined users or groups 
D. A Service Catalog workflow generates three basic components: item variable types, tasks, and notifications 

Question # 6

Which are states that you can make a field on a form using UI Policy?

A. read-only 
B. write-only 
C. Necessary 
D. Mandatory 
E. Empty 
F. Hidden 

Question # 7

What is a formatter? Select one of the following.

A. A formatter allows you to configure applications on your instance 
B. A formatter is a form element used to display information that is not a field in the record 
C. A formatter allows you to populate fields automatically 
D. A formatter is a set of conditions applied to a table to help find and work with data 

Question # 8

For Administrators creating new Service Catalog items, what is a characteristic they should know about Service Catalog variables?

A. Service Catalog variables can only be used in Record Producers 
B. Service Catalog variables can only be used in Order Guides 
C. Service Catalog variables cannot affect the order price 
D. Service Catalog variables are global by default 

Question # 9

A change request has been approved and assigned to you as the system administrator to change the Incident number prefix from the default of "INC" to the company standard IN."What are the next steps to be taken''

A. Go to the Number Maintenance application and change the prefix to "IN" for incident 
B. Create a Business Rule that modifies the prefix before the Insert operation 
C. The prefix of an incident cannot be changed because it is a built-in feature 
D. Submit a Change Request to ServiceNow Technical Support 

Question # 10

The ServiceNow Virtual Agent provides assistance within a messaging interface. Which capability allows end users to configure virtual Agent to intercept and help resolvesubmitted incidents?

A. Incident Auto-Resolution 
B. Ticket Resolver 
C. Virtual Agent Helper 
D. Web Intelligence 

Question # 11

What is the purpose of a Related List?

A. To create a one-to-many relationship 
B. To dot-walk to a core table 
C. To present related fields 
D. To present related records 

Question # 12

Which type of tables may be extended by other tables, but do not extend another table?

A. Base Tables 
B. Core Tables
C. Extended Tables 
D. Custom Tables 

Question # 13

A knowledge article must be which of the following states to display to a user?

A. Published 
B. Drafted 
C. Retired 
D. Reviewed 

Question # 14

Which group of permissions is used to control Application and Module access?

A. Access Control Rules 
B. UI Policies 
C. Roles 
D. Assignment Rules 

Question # 15

Where in Flow Designer can users access information about actions that are added to the flow?

A. Virtual Agent Help 
B. Local Action Help 
C. Help Panel 
D. Flow Assistant 

Question # 16

Which of the following allows a user to edit field values in a list without opening the form?

A. Data Editor 
B. Edit Menu 
C. List Editor 
D. Form Designer 

Question # 17

Which one of the following statements is a recommendation from ServiceNow about Update Sets?

A. Avoid using the Default Update set as an Update Set for moving customizations from instance to instance 
B. Before moving customizations from instance to instance with Update Sets, ensure that both instances are different versions 
C. Use the Baseline Update Set to store the contents of items after they are changed the first time 
D. Once an Update Set is closed as “Complete”, change it back to “In Progress” until it is applied to another instance 

Question # 18

Business Rules are used to enforce mandatory data on a form.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 19

Which of the following statements is true when a new table is created by extending another table?

A. The new table archives the parent table and assumed its roles in the database 
B. The new table inherits all of the Business Rules, Client Scripts, and UI Policies of the parent table, but none of the existing fields 
C. The new table inherits all of the fields of the parent table and can also contain new fields unique to itself 
D. The new table inherits all of the fields, but does not inherit Access Control rules, Client Scripts, and UI Policies of the parent table 

Question # 20

Knowledge articles within a knowledge base are grouped by category.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 21

What are the two aspects to LDAP Integration?

A. Data Population
B. Data formatting 
C. Authorization 
D. Authentication 

Question # 22

Access Control rules may provide access security for which of the following database objects?

A. For a specific role, group, or user 
B. For a specific row, column, or table 
C. For specific groups 
D. For a specific CMDB Configuration item 

Question # 23

Which of the following steps can be used to import new data into ServiceNow from a spreadsheet?

A. Select Data Source, Schedule Transform 
B. Load Data, Create Transform Map, Run Transform 
C. Define Data Source, Select Transform Map, Run Transform 
D. Select Import Set, Select Transform Map, Run Transform 

Question # 24

How do you make a list filter available to everyone?

A. Make active, set visibility, and save 
B. Assign a name, set visibility, and save 
C. Assign a group, set visibility, and save 
D. Make active, assign a name, and save 

Question # 25

When creating a global custom table named “abc”, what is the table name that is automatically assigned by the platform?

A. snc_abc 
B. abc 
C. u_abc 
D. sys_abc 

Question # 26

Which statement is true about business rules?

A. A business rule must run before a database action occurs 
B. A business rule can be a piece of Javascript 
C. A business rule must not run before a database action occurs 
D. A business rule monitors fields on a form 

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