CompTIA 220-1002 Exam Dumps

CompTIA 220-1002 Exam Dumps

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2

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Update Date : April 13, 2024
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CompTIA 220-1002 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A user lives in a location that experiences frequent lightning storms. Which of the followingwould be the LEAST expensive solution to protect the user's computer hardware?

A. A surge protector
B. Grounding
C. A power generator
D. An uninterruptible power supply

Question # 2

Which of the following is required to receive GPOs from a system's centralized servers?

A. Encrypting File System
B. Workgroup membership
C. Domain access Is
D. BitLocker

Question # 3

A customer has been using a computer to download and copy files to a USB flash drive.The customer accidentally stepped on the power strip, and the computer suddenly poweredoff. When the computer turned back on, it displayed an error message: No OS found.Which of the following should a technician perform NEXT?

A. Connect a UPS.
B. Repair the OS.
C. Check the boot order.
D. Run hardware diagnostics.

Question # 4

A user wants a phone with an operating system that is highly customizable. Which of thefollowing operating systems will a technician MOST likely recommend?

A. Windows Mobile
B. Android
C. Fire OS
D. iOS

Question # 5

A remote user has reported a suspicious pop-up. and a technician is troubleshooting theuser's laptop. The technician needs to connect securely to the computer to view the user'sscreen and investigate the issue Which of the following should the technician use?


Question # 6

A technician needs to connect to a server using a secure terminal application. Thetechnician must be able to reboot the server quickly and restart all the daemons with thisapplication Which of the following methods will the technician MOST likely use? (SelectTWO)

B. Telnet
C. Putty
E. Remote Assistance

Question # 7

A user’s company phone was recently wiped. The user Is unsure if an IT administratorwiped the phone or if it was the result of a hacking attempt. A new company policy wasrecently implemented to tighten security. The newpolicy requirements include:* An allowance for the remote wiping of company data* PIN unlock* Failed-attempt device wiping‘The user normally keeps the phone in a pocket, so it is unlikely that anyone else hadaccess to It. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the device being wiped?

A. Unauthorized remote access
B. A system lockout
C. A virus
D. A faulty device

Question # 8

A technician is helping a remote user who has a Windows issue. The user is working froma shared office space and is not on the corporate network. Which of the following remoteaccess methods is MOST to be successful in this case?

A. Telnet
B. Remote desktop
C. Third-party screen sharing
D. Secure shell

Question # 9

A Microsoft application will not open when a user clicks on it. Instead, the following errormessage pops up: This application has crashed. Would you like to send an error report toMicrosoft? Which of the following should the user try FIRST

A. Open the application with administrative privileges.
B. Open a run command and then type the application name.
C. Reboot the computer into sate mode and try to open the program.
D. Uninstall the program alter saving any associated data and reinstall the program.

Question # 10

A user installed an application that now requires a license key to enable lull functionality.The user contacts support, and the technician decides to enter a license key in thesoftware GUI on behalf of the user. Which of the following will support this task''

D. Telnet

Question # 11

Which of the following security principles help to prevent employees from changing filesthey are intended only to view?


Question # 12

Ann, an employee, has been trying to use a company-issued mobile device to access aninternal fileshare while traveling abroad. She restarted the device due to a mobile OSupdate, but she is now unable to access company information Ann calls the help desk forassistance, and a technician verifies she can make calls and access websites Which of thefollowing should the technician suggest NEXT to try to fix the issue?

A. Navigate to the VPN profile in the device settings, delete the pre-shared key. and restartthe device
B. Instruct Ann to open the company's MDM application to ensure proper functionality
C. Navigate to the corporate intranet page and use hyperlinks to access the fileshare.
D. Instruct Ann to disable TLS 1.0 in the device settings

Question # 13

Which of the following is a risk to computer equipment when the humidity is low?

A. Static discharge
B. Corrosion
C. Frequent brownouts
D. Increased dust

Question # 14

A user’s computer is quick to boot up but very slow at login. It tends to get fasterthroughout the day. A technician checks the RAM usage, and it looks fine during the day.The slowdown is MOST likely being caused by too many:

A. boot devices.
B. startup applications.
C. device drivers.
D. Windows profiles loading.

Question # 15

A technician recently upgrade a leptop a replo’s RAM from 2GB to 4hb. However , theoperating system only recognizes the RAM as 3.5GB. Which of the following is the MOSTlikely reason the leptop does not recognize the full amount of RAM?

A. The RS-232 connector pins are damaged.
B. A 32-bit operating system is installed.
C. The msinfo32 executable is compute.
D. A FAT32 filesystem is configured.

Question # 16

A technician is attempting to remove a virus from the machine of a user who just retunedfrom leave. The virus is a known signature that was identified 30 days ago. The antivirussolution the company is using was updated seven days ago with the most currentsignatures. Which of the following MOST likely allowed the infection?

A. The last antivirus update the machine received was seven days ago.
B. The user changed the machine's password 30 days ago.
C. The user manually killed the antivirus process.
D. The machine has not received an antivirus update in the past 30 days.

Question # 17

Which of the following are method used to prevent an unauthenticated compute fromestablishing a connection as a node on a corporate network? (Select TWO.)

A. Port security
B. Anti-malware
C. Certificate
E. Firewall
F. Captive portal

Question # 18

An employee is taking a credit card payment over the phone, but the payment system hasa temporary outage. To avoid inconveniencing the customer, the employee writes down thecredit card number and expiration date on a notepad to be entered later This is in violationof:

C. Pll

Question # 19

A customer’s computer was turned off overnight, When the customer restarts the computer,an advanced startup menu is displayed.The startup repair option is unsuccessful and causes the computer to reboot repeatly untillthe advanced startup screen reappears. Which of the following should a technician attemptFIRST?

A. Go back to the previous build.
B. Refresh the PC.
C. Run System Restore.
D. Perform System image Recovery.
E. Reset the PC.

Question # 20

Which of the following extensions identify files that are typically implemented as scripts?(Select TWO).

A. .vbs
B. .txt
C. .exe
D. .Up
E. .bat
F. .xlsx

Question # 21

Malware has been identified on a critical system that is currently quarantined. Which of thefollowing should a technician do after the malware symptoms are correctly identified?

A. Educate the power user for that system.
B. Schedule weekly scans and run routine updates.
C. Disable System Restore.
D. Remediate the infected system.

Question # 22

A user in a SOHO wants to allow Joe, a remote technician, to connect securely to theuser's workstation Joe informs the user that the VPN was successful, but he still cannotconnect. Which of the following settings in the SOHO router MOST likely need to beadjusted?

A. Encryption
B. Firewall

Question # 23

A technician discovers a user’s home computer has Windows Update disabled andsuspects malware has replaced several Windows OS files. After completing a malwarescan, which of the following command line utilities would the technician MOST likely runbefore enabling Windows Update?

A. xcopy
B. chkdsk
C. sfc
D. gpupdate

Question # 24

A technician recently built a gaming PC with a multicode CPU, 32GB DDR4 memory, a1TB SSD. and a high-end GPU The technician installed the OS and a new game butnoticed the frame-rate performance was much lower than expected Which of the followingshould the technician do NEXT to address the performance issues?

A. Install a higher wattage PSU.
B. Download security patches
C. Defragment the drive
D. Update the device drivers

Question # 25

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) wants to ensure the company is prepared incase of a ransomware attack. The CISO has requested network vulnerability scans, firewallaudits, and ACL logs. Which of the following should the CISO also request?

A. Audits of the cloud storage platform
B. Tests of the data backups
C. Physical penetration tests
D. NIDS signature updates

Question # 26

An end user set up a gaming server on an extra Windows PC. The user wants the PC torestart automatically during the night using the shutdown -r -£ commandWhich of the following is the BEST tool to accomplish this?

A. Computer Management
B. Task Scheduler b
C. Task Manager
D. Control Panel

Question # 27

A technician is reviewing system updates. Some of the updates address vulnerabilitiesfound in mission-critical servers, and they need to be performed immediately. Which of thefollowing should the technician perform FIRST?

A. Risk analysis
B. Back-out plan
C. Change board
D. Implementation plan

Question # 28

A user is working with the command line interface on a Linux computer To show thecontents of the current directory, which of the following commands should be used'

A. Is
B. dir
C. -get
D. mv

Question # 29

A user opens a phishing email and types logon credentials into a fake banking website.The computer's antivirus software then reports it has severalfrom the network. Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT?

A Have the user change the password.
B. Update the antivirus software and run scans.
C. Disable the user's local computer account.
D. Quarantine the phishing email.

Question # 30

A user reports that since installing updates earlier that day, several of the productivityapplications that were installed no longer open. The applications start to load, and thenthey crash immediately. A technician tries switching users and logging in as the localadministrator, but the same issue still occurs. Which of the following should the technicianperform NEXT?

A. Escalate the ticket to Tier 2 support.
B. Uninstall and reinstall the productivity applications.
C. Reimage the user's workstation.
D. Reboot the system to complete the updates.

Question # 31

A technician is implementing multifactor authentication for logins to the network. Thenetwork already requires a username and password to authenticate users. Which of thefollowing should the technician add to meet the multifactor requirement?

A. Passphrase
B. Knowledge-based authentication
D. Thumbprint

Question # 32

A technician is installing an application on a Linux system using the Bash shell console.Which of the following extensions should the technician select to install the application?

A. .Exe
B. .Apk
C. .Sh
D. .app

Question # 33

A junior technician needs to obtain a list of all the processes that are running on Linuxsystem. Which of the following commands should the technician use to obtain theinformation?

A. Nv
B. Is
C. Ps
D. V1

Question # 34

A technician is able to connect to a website: however, the technician receives the followingerror, when alternating to access a different website: Page cannot be displayed. Which ofthe following command line tools would be BEST to identify the root cause of theconnection problem?

A. ipconfig
B. tracert
C. nslookup
D. netstat
E. ping

Question # 35

A user’s login screen does not look normal when booting the computer. A technician statesthe computer was showing the company’s workstation imaging system screen, but it hassince been fixed. Which of the following did the technician update?

A. Operating system
B. Drivers
C. Boot order
D. BIOS firmware

Question # 36

A company recently experienced a security incident in which an unauthorized user wasable to insert a USB flash drive into a kiosk, launch a non-native OS. and deliver maliciouspayloads across the network. Which of the following security measures would have beenBEST to prevent the attack from being executed in the first place' (Select TWO)

A. Using a host-based antivirus with real-time scanning
B. Implementing automatic screen locks after 60 seconds of inactivity
C. Creating a strong BIOS'UEFI password
D. Disabling AutoRun for USB devices
E. Enabling the Secure Boot option
F. Changing the default administrator credentials

Question # 37

When a user logs in to a computer, desktop icons and documents are missing. The useronly has one account, 2and none of the personalized settings are there. Everything workedfine the previous day. Which of the following should a technician do to resolve the issue?

A. Perform a system refresh.
B. Change the account permissions.
C. Repair the profile.
D. Restore the data from backup.

Question # 38

Which of the following would be the FASTEST method to perform a clean install of thelatest Windows OS?

A. USB media
B. Optical drive
C. Network boot
D. In-place upgrade

Question # 39

Which of the following OS types provides a lightweight option for workstations that need aneasy-to-use browser-based interface?

A. macOS
B. Windows
C. Linux
D. Chrome

Question # 40

An IT manager receives an email from an upset. The customer has been reporting an issuewith a computer virus for a weeks. The customer has already put in a support ticket for theissue and left phone messages with IT support requesting an update on when the issuemight be fixed, but the customer’s call s has not been returned. The IT manager knows theIT staff is very busy and not purchased ignore the customer. Which of the should the do toaddress customer’s complaint?

A. Contact the customer and explain the IT staff a busy. and the customer will have to waitfor service.
B. Contact the customer and attempt to get more details on the issue, and then assign atechnician to follow up with the customer.
C. Contact the customer and attempt to fix the issue without assigning it to a technician.
D. Contact the customer and recommend that the customer call the IT support desk totroubleshoot the issue.

Question # 41

A technician is investigating connectivity issues over the corporate network. The technicianattempts to Telnet into an access point in the break room, which is labeled AP-1. but isunable to proceed any further or authenticate Which of the following commands will beMOST beneficial in determining the connectivity issues?

A. netstat
B. tracert
C. ipconfig
D. nslookup

Question # 42

A security learn recommends a disaster recovery plan with the following requirements:* Recent backups should be readily available.* Only long-term backups should be stored off premises* There should be minimum expenditure on hardware.Which of the following satisfies all of these requirements?

A. Store 30 days of backups on premises and then age the backups to the public cloud
B. Store backups on premises and burst to the public cloud if needed.
C. Store backups both on premises and in a public cloud infrastructure
D. Store all the backups in a public cloud with no on-premises backup storage

Question # 43

Joe. a user, cannot read encrypted email messages on a corporate smartphone, but hehas been able to read them in the past A technician restarts Joe's smartphone. but theissue remains. The technician deletes the corporate email account and has Joe re-add it.verifying all settings are correct Despite these steps, the issue persists Which of thefollowing is MOST likely causing the issue7

A. The certificate is expired
B. The TPM is bad.
C. The phone is not encrypted
D. The incorrect mail server is selected in settings

Question # 44

Joe, a user, reports the programs and icons on his Windows desktop are much larger thanthey were the day before. He tried changing the screen resolution and restarting thecomputer, but it still does not look right. Joe also states the computer showed it wasfinishing updates when he first powered it on. Which of the following should a technicianperform NEXT?

A. Reboot the computer.
B. Roll back the video driver.
C. Reload the OS.
D. Boot into safe mode.

Question # 45

Ann a customer, allowed someone else to use her computer, and now some web pages do not display correctly in the browser A technician determines many of the browser settingslive been changed Which of the following Control Panel utilities should the technician useto reset the browser settings to the defaults?

A. System/System Protection
B. Programs and Features
C. Network and Sharing Center
D. Internet Options/Advanced tab

Question # 46

Which of the following operating systems has mandatory update installation built in?

A. Windows 7
B. Windows 8
C. Windows 8.1
D. Windows 10

Question # 47

A technician needs to make changes to a production system. Before doing so, which of thefollowing should be completed in case the changes have unintended consequencesbeyond their original scope?

A. Draft a complete scope of the changes.
B. Formulate a back-out plan for the changes.
C. Ensure all relevant end users are notified of the changes.
D. Create a risk analysis involving the changes.

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