Salesforce ADM-201 Exam Dumps

Salesforce ADM-201 Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Administrator (SU23)

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Update Date : October 02, 2023
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Salesforce ADM-201 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Ursa Major classifies its accounts as Silver, Gold, or Platinum Level. When a new case is created for aSilver or Gold partner, it should to the Regular Support Queue. When an account is Platinum Level, it should automatically go to the Priority Support Queue.What should the administrator use to achieve this?

A. Assignment Rules
B. Case Rules
C. Workflow Rules
D. Escalation Rules 

Question # 2

The Support team at Ursa Major Solar prefers using split list views on the case homepage. Occasionally, the team views shipments from another support application. What should the administrator configure to allow the team to use the split list view?

A. Filter by a single shipment record type in the list view.
B. Include the Shipments tab on the app's navigation bar.
C. Split views are only available on standard objects.
D. Add the Manage ListViews permission for support users. 

Question # 3

DreamHouse Realty requires that house showings be scheduled within the current year to prevent too many future showingsfrom stacking up. How can they make sure Showing Date is only populated with a date this years?

A. Sync the users' Showing Calendar to Salesforce and filter it to only look at this year.
B. Create a report that shows any Showing Dates not scheduled in thecurrent year to the updated.
C. Add Help Text so the user knows to only add a Showing Date within the current year.
D. Create a validation rule that ensures Showing Date contains a date within the current year.

Question # 4

Cloud Kicks generates leads for its different product categories (shoes, apparel, and accessories) through many different sources. While some lead sources are used for all three categories, other lead sources are specific toa single category. The VP of marketing requests that only the proper lead sources be displayed based on the product category chosen. How should the administrator configure Salesforce to meet this requirement?

A. Create a page layout for each category andfilter the Lead Source field based on category.
B. Create a dependency between the Product Category field and Lead Source field.
C. Create business processes and record types for each of the three product categories.
D. Create a single business process, then create record types for each product category. 

Question # 5

The CTO of AW Computing has defined a new policy for cases to improvecustomer satisfaction. All cases submitted with a Case Reason of Installation must be acknowledged immediately via email and assigned to the appropriate agents. Any cases that are still in the New status after 4 hours must be escalated to support management. What case management tools need to be utilized for this requirement?

A. Auto-response rules, Macros, Entitlements
B. Auto-response rules, Queues, Macros
C. Auto-response rules, Queues, Escalation Rules
D. Auto-response rules, Entitlements, Escalation Rules 

Question # 6

The administratorat Cloud Kicks writes an assignment rule to send all cases created via email or the web to the Automated Cases Queue Any manually created cases should be owned by the agent creating them, however, the manually created cases now show the administrator as the owner.What will the administrator find when troubleshooting this issue? 

A. An escalation rule is changing the case owner on case creation
B. The Assignment Rule checkbox is selected by default.
C. Another assignment rule is giving ownership to the administrator
D. The Owner field is missing on the webform and email template. 

Question # 7

Customer service accesses articles with the KnowledgeLightning component on the Service Cloud Console. Billing department users would like similar functionality on the case record without using the console. How should the administrator configure this request?

A. Add the knowledge component to the page layout.
B. Add the Knowledge component list to the page layout.
C. Add the Knowledge related list to the page layout.
D. Add the knowledge related list to the record page 

Question # 8

DreamHouse Realty regularly holds open houses for the selling of both houses and condominiums. For condominium open houses, there are a few extra steps that need to be taken. Agents need to be able to submit requests and receive approvals from the homeowners' association. How can the administrator ensure these extra steps only appear when creating open house records for condominiums?

A. Create one page layout. Use record types to ensure the proper status picklist values display.
B. Create two page layouts. Use business processes and record types to display the appropriate picklist values.
C. Create one page layout. Use business processes to ensure the proper status picklist values display.
D. Create two page layouts, one with a House Status field and the other with a Condominium Status field. 

Question # 9

The CTO of AW Computing has defined a new policy for cases to improve customer satisfaction. All cases submitted with a Case Reason of Installation must be acknowledged immediatelyvia email and assigned to the appropriate agents. Any cases that are still in the New status after 4 hours must be escalated to support management.What case management tools need to be utilized for this requirement?

A. Auto-response rules, Macros,Entitlements
B. Auto-response rules, Queues, Macros
C. Auto-response rules, Queues, Escalation Rules
D. Auto-response rules, Entitlements, Escalation Rules

Question # 10

The administrator has created new users for ten new employees at Northern Trail Outfitters. Why are these users unable to access the account object in the Salesforce or?

A. Users’ profile requires a sharing rule forAccounts.
B. Users’ profile requires permission to the Account object.
C. Users’ roles are low on the role hierarchy.
D. Organization-wide defaults are set to private. 

Question # 11

Cloud Kicks (CK) needs a new sales application. The administrator there is an application package on the AppExchange and wants to begin testing it in a sandbox to see If it addresses CK's needs.What are two considerations when installing a managed package in a sandbox? Choose 2 answers. 

A. Any metadata changes to the package have to be recreated in production.
B. The installation link has to be modified to test.saiesiorcc.com.
C. Install for Admins Only will be the only Install option available.
D. The package will be removed any time the sandbox is refreshed. 

Question # 12

Brokers at DreamHouse Realty need to see certain informationabout one or more cases when referencing the contact record. This record case Name, Case ID, Customer Name, Case Reason, Case Status, and Case Creation Date.Which two changes in Setup should the administrator make?

A. Use the page layout editor to changethe related list type to Enhanced List.
B. Edit the Related List component in the Lightning App Builder and choose Related List as the related list type.
C. Edit the Related List component in the Lightning App Builder and choose Enhanced List as the related list type.
D. Use the page layout editor to include the appropriate column in the Cases related list. 

Question # 13

Northern Trail Outfitters is using one profile for all of its marketing users, providing readonly access to the Campaign object. A few marketing users now require comprehensive edit access on Campaigns. How should an administrator fulfil this request? 

A. Permission sets 
B. Organization-wide defaults 
C. Marketing user checkbox 
D. Field-level security 

Question # 14

Universal Containers wants to provide reseller partners with discounted prices on the products they purchase. How should an administrator configure this requirement? 

A. Add a Partner_Discount_c field to the Opportunity 
B. Build separate reseller partner products. 
C. Use a different Opportunity record type. 
D. Create a separate PriceBook for reseller partners. 

Question # 15

The VP of sales at Dreamhouse Realty has requested a dashboard to visualize enterprise sales across the different teams. The key place of data is the total of all sales for the year and the progress to the enterprise sales goal. What dashboard component will effectively show this number and the proximity to the total goal as a single value? 

A. Table 
B. Stacked Bar 
C. Donut 
D. Gauge

Question # 16

AW Computing has added a new custom text field called Market Segment on the Lead object. When a Lead is converted, the new field is not getting copied to the Account record. What should the administrator do to ensure the Market Segment field from a Lead is copied to the converted Account record in routine? 

A. Ensure the Market Segment field on the Lead is mapped to right field on Account. 
B. Ensure Account has a field that has the exact same name as the new Lead field. 
C. Write a Validation Rule to ensure the Account has a value in that field.
 D. Write a record-triggered flow to copy the custom field from Lead to Account.

Question # 17

An administrator supporting a global team of salesforce users has been asked to configure company settings. Choose 2 options 

A. Currency Locale 
B. Default Language 
C. Password Policy
 D. Login Hours 

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