Salesforce Community-Cloud-Consultant Exam Dumps

Salesforce Community-Cloud-Consultant Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant (SP24)

285 Questions & Answers with Explanation
Update Date : July 15, 2024
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Salesforce Community-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

You have heard that one way to maximize yourCommunity Engagement level is to leverageCommunity Reputation. After having a coffee and a biscuit you think this is a brilliant ideafor your community and want to enable it right away, where do you navigate to?

A. Setup >> Community Settings > Enable Setup and Display of Reputation Levels
B. Setup >> All Communities > Builder > Administration > Preferences > Enable Setup andDisplay of Reputation Levels
C. Setup >> All Communities > Builder > Reputation > Enable Setup and Display ofReputation Levels
D. Setup >> All Communities > Manage > Administration > Preferences > Enable Setupand Display of Reputation Levels

Question # 2

Universal Containersbuilds a partner community for their dealers. They set up the partneraccount with two roles to represent sales employees and their managers. After going live,the dealerships inform Universal Containers that they need a CEO type of access forspecific users who need to access all of the data on the parner account. How should theSalesforce admin fulfil this requirement?Select one or more of the following:

A. Add a third role to the partner account hierarchy for the CEO partner user.
B. Promote the CEO partner user to delegated admin on the partner account.
C. Assign Super User access to the CEO partner user on the Contact page.
D. Make the CEO partner user the owner of the partner account.

Question # 3

A Salesforce Admin added a Recommendation component in the Community Builder. ThePage displays correctly in the Community Builder. However, the Recommendationcomponent does NOTdisplay in the Community.What is the most likely cause of this issue?

A. Recommendation is NOT enabled for the community.
B. Members do NOT have permissions to see recommendations in the Community.
C. The page changes with the recommendation componenthave NOT been published.
D. NO recommendation exist for this Community.

Question # 4

Northern Trail Outfitters launches a Community using the Napili template. Communitymembers report that they do NOT have a menu option to navigate to see their invoices.TheSalesforce Admin has validated the following on the Community user profile: • UsersProfile has Read Access on the Invoice Object • Users Profile has a tab visible for InvoiceObject. What should the Salesforce Admin do to troubleshoot this issue?

A. Verify that the Navigation Menu in Community Builder has 'Type: Salesforce Object' and'Object Type: Invoices.'
B. Verify that the Navigation Menu in Community Management has 'Type: SalesforceObject' and 'Object Type: Invoices.'
C. Verify that the Invoices tab is under the Selected tab in Community Management
D. Verify that the Invoices tab is under the Selected tab in Community Settings Setup

Question # 5

Universal containers has knowledge articles visible in their customer community for allusers. The salesforce Admin creates and publishes a new article, but the article is NOTvisible. What should the Salesforce Admin do to make this article visible in the Community?

A. Create the article in the Community Management console
B. Publish the Community so the changes take effect
C. Add a Featured Topic in the Community Management console
D. Select the Customer Channel in article setup

Question # 6

Universal Containers is launching a Community to provide a self-help Channel totheircustomers and partners. Customers and partners will search for articles, participate indiscussions, and raise cases. Partners will be able to raise cases for their customers, butwill NOT need channel sales capabilities. Which license should a SalesforceAdmin use forthe partner users?

A. Partner Community Plus License
B. Service Cloud License
C. Support Community License
D. Customer Community Plus License

Question # 7

The headphones alliance wish to engage with their customers in a whole new way and atDreamforce they saw Communities in action. They have identified that they have a lot ofgreat content but what to make sure that articles and discussions are grouped logically sothat it is easy to find, post questions and navigate the site. What Communities featurewould you recommend to use?

A. Data Categories
B. Topics
C. Chatter Groups
D. Article Groups
E. Knowledge Groups

Question # 8

Northern Trail Outfitters has a Customer Community for viewing discussions andKnowledge articles. The Customer Support team needs to add custom fields on articles forinternal comments and additional references. What is the most efficient way for theSalesforce Admin to hide the custom fields from customers? Choose one answer

A. Create separate articles without these custom fields for the Customer channel andinclude in the Community
B. Update the customer profile by removing access to these custom fields on all articletypes
C. Override the article detail page with a custom Visualforce page and hide these customfields for customers
D. Modify the article detail page with custom Lightning Components that hide these customfields

Question # 9

Your company has asked you to leverage Salesforce for their new customer communityand wish to ensure that it is mobile ready which template(s) can you leverage to supportthis requirement? FOUR ANSWERS

A. Kokua
B. Napili
C. Aloha
D. Visualforce + Tabs
E. Koa

Question # 10

Northern Trail Outfitters launches a Partner Community using Salesforce tabs andVisualforce. Opportunities needs to be the selected tab for the Community user.What should Salesforce Admin do to fulfill this request?

A. Set the Opportunity tabas the first tab in the selected tabs in Community Management.
B. Configure Opportunity as the default landing page in Community Settings in Setup.
C. Enable the Opportunity page as the landing page on the Community user guide.
D. Set the Opportunity object page as the landing page in the Community Builder.

Question # 11

Universal Containers built a Community using the Customer Service Template. They wantthe Salesforce Admin to enable multilingual support for their Community. Where can theSalesforce Admin configure the languages supported by this community?

A. Community Settings
B. Community Builder
C. Force.com Sites
D. Site.com Studio

Question # 12

Northern Trail Outfitters uses Knowledge Articles to address customer questions in theirNapili Community. They need to know if these Articles are helpful to customers when theysearch for help in theCommunity. What is the most efficient way for a Salesforce Admin to get this information from customers?

A. Build a custom Community page that shows the Knowledge Article and have customfields to capture customer comments.
B. Create a customer survey using custom Lightning components and add it to the home page.
C. Redirect customers to a survey form in an external website that captures theircomments on the Knowledge Article
D. Enable the article voting property on the Article Content component in thearticle detailpage in the Community Builder

Question # 13

Universal Containers wants to build a Community for all their employees. Currently, someoftheir employees are NOT Salesforce users.How should the Salesforce Admin enableaccess to the Community for the users who are currentlyNOT Salesforce users?

A. Create the users as contacts and enable them as Community users.
B. Allow the users to self -register to the Community.
C. Create the users in Salesforce and add their profile to the Community.
D. Add the users to the Community asmembers.

Question # 14

Regional Containers wish to establish a Community for their Partner network. They havecomplex requirements and from sampling their Partner network thereis no need to providemobile capabilities. What type of community best suits Regional Containers needs?

A. Koa
B. Visual Force + Tabs
C. Kookaburra
D. Aloha
E. Napili

Question # 15

Northern Trail Outfitters needs to provide support to all customers in their CustomerCommunity, includingcustomers who have NOT logged in. Currently, customers can onlyview Knowledge articles if they are logged in.What should the Salesforce Admin do to make sure that Knowledge articles are visible tounauthenticated users?

A. Modify the customer profile to include all Knowledge articles types and fields to helpcustomers view articles without login.
B. Make the article detail page available for unauthenticated access to help customers viewarticles without login.
C. Update the channel for all Knowledgearticles to include Public as a channel to helpcustomers view articles without login.
D. Create custom Community pages with components for Knowledge articles and makethem available for guest user profiles.

Question # 16

What are the two types of Sharing Models availableonce you have established aCommunity?

A. Community Sharing Model & Portal Sharing Model
B. Company Sharing Model & Community Sharing Model
C. Internal Sharing Model & External Sharing Model
D. Internal Sharing Model & Portal Sharing Model
E. Partner Sharing Model & Customer Sharing Model

Question # 17

Which threeLightning Components are available in Builder when customizing a homepage? Choose 3 answers

A. Related Topics List
B. Feed Publisher
C. Headline
D. Search Results
E. Home Page Tabs

Question # 18

Universal Containers needs a Community for distributors who manage their sales with thefollowing requirements: • Each distributor has multiple users. • Users within the samedistributor should be able to talk with each other. • Users should NOT be able to talk withusers from other distributors. • The Knowledge articles and other Community featuresshould be the same for all distributors. Flow should the Salesforce Admin meet theserequirements?

A. Create Sharing groups to share users within a distributor. Allow ions, keeping the OWDfor Users as private
B. Create a separate Communityfor each distributor. Allow members to talk within theCommunity and enable the Community user visibility
C. Enable the Portal user visibility and disable the Community user visibility under Sharingsettings. Keep OWD for Users as private for external users
D. Reate a Sharing set to share the users within a distributor in the Community. Allow ions,keeping the OWD for Users as private

Question # 19

What permission(s) would you assign a community manager?

A. Communities Administrator
B. Setup and Create Portals
C. Manage Community Settings
D. Create and Setup Communities
E. Manage Portals

Question # 20

Universal Containers needs to have their branding represented accurately in their PartnerCommunity. What three things should the Salesforce Admin doto use Community Builder tobrand the Community?

A. Specify font family, style, and weight
B. Apply a colour scheme that is appropriate for the Universal Containers template with thecolour palette
C. Adjust kerning values in a variety of typefaces
D. Usecustom CSS to apply Universal Containers styles
E. Adjust the pixel width of the masthead

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