Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Architect Exam Dumps

Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Architect Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Architect (SP24)

239 Questions & Answers with Explanation
Update Date : July 15, 2024
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Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers has successfully implemented a large Service Cloud rollout for their national call center 3 months ago.One of their largest customer accounts, United Automotive, has over 15,000 open cases. Agents are now having trouble opening new cases for United Automotive. When they try to create a case, the following Error messages appear for them UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW They notice that this only occurs for the United Automotive account. If they try to save the case again it will usually work, but the problem seems to be happening more and more often. What option should the Architect recommend?

A. Review the Account structure to split the United Automotive account into multiple branch accounts. 
B. Review the Customer Service Profile to ensure that they have Read/Write access to the appropriate Case and Account Fields. 
C. Review all Case Sharing Rules and consolidate whereappropriate to reduce the total number of sharing rules. 
D. Review all Account sharing rules to ensure that the Customer Service team has Read/Write access to the United Automotive Account. 

Question # 2

Universal Containers has a customer that meets criteria for two Enterprise territory Management territories (Portugal and Southern Europe). What is necessary to assign opportunities to a territory for this account? 

A. Create a criteria-based sharing rule on the Opportunity to assign It to a territory. 
B. Create a Process Builder Process that updates the Territory field on the Opportunity 
C. The territory with the highest Territory Type Priority is automatically assigned to the Opportunity 
D. Create an Apex class that implement. Filter-Based Opportunity Territory Assignment 

Question # 3

The architect at Universal Containers would like to prevent users from editing encrypted fields. Assuming no customizations are implemented, which two options should the Architect choose to support the requirement? Choose 2 answers 

A. Validation Rules 
B. Page Layout settings 
C. Apex Triggers 
D. Workflow Rules 

Question # 4

What is a workaround to ownership data skew? 

A. You can minimize possible performance impacts by not assigning the user(s) to a role. 

Question # 5

Universal Containers uses 75,000 distributors that have close to 1 million total users. Distributors need opportunities assigned to their distributor for delivery. What license recommendation will meet distributor needs? 

A. SalesCloud 
B. Customer Community Plus 
C. Partner Community 
D. Custom Community 

Question # 6

What is the best practice for testing sharing and visibility changes? 

A. Use Administrative and User reports to view the Active Users. 
B. Use the Login As feature for a sample user in each role andprofile. 
C. Use Field Audit Trail to audit the field meta-data and visibility. 
D. Use the Sharing button to test Profile and Permission set changes. 

Question # 7

Partner users can access records belonging to users in their account at their same role or lower in the role hierarchy, for Cases, Leads, Opportunities and Custom Objects. Which ofthe following access has to be given ? 

A. Super user permission 

Question # 8

Universal Containers is designing a new community using the Customer Community license type. They would like to have the users complete survey questions through the community interface and store the responsesin a Custom Object that has a lookup to the account object. Any internal user who has access to the account should be able to see all survey responses. All Customer Community users should be able to see surveys filled in by other users for their company,but not surveys for other companies. What are the correct security settings to achieve this? 

A. Set all Organization-Wide Default settings to be "Public Read/Write" for both internal and external users. 
B. Set all Organization-Wide Default security to be"Private" for both internal and external users and use Sharing Rules to grant the desired access 
C. Set all Organization-Wide Default security to be "Public Read/Write" for internal users and "Private" for external users. 
D. Set the custom object to be master-detail to the Account and leave the OrganizationWide Default settings as their default values. 

Question # 9

Universal Containers would like to restrict users' access toexport reports What option supports this requirement? 

A. Remove the "Report Manager" user permission. 
B. Remove the Export button from the report page layout. 
C. Remove "Allow Export" on the report folder settings. 
D. Remove the "Export Reports" profile permission. 

Question # 10

The System Administrator at Universal Containers has created two list views called ListV1 and ListV2. One group of users should only see ListV1 and the second group of users should only see ListV2. Two public groups were created to restrict visibility to the respective list views. However, users in both groups are able to see both list views. What system permission in their profile enabled the users to see all list views? 

A. Manage Custom List Views 
B. Manage Private List Views 
C. Manage Public List Views 
D. Manage Custom Permissions 

Question # 11

Universal Containers has the following requirements: * The Commercial Account and Consumer Account support departments should not collaborate. * The Commercial and Consumer sales users roll up to the same VP of Sales, but there should be no collaboration between sales departments. * The Commercial sales department should share its customers with the Commercial support department. * The Consumer sales department shares its customers with the Consumer support department. * The Commercial and Consumer support departments roll up to the same Support Director. * The sales departments will remain the Account Owner for the Accounts that they sell to. What is the recommended Org-Wide Sharing Default for Accounts, and how would the Architect enable proper Commercial and Consumer Sales to Support Account Sharing for this scenario?  

A. Private Account Sharing with SharingRules from Commercial Sales Role(s) to Consumer Support Role(s) and Consumer Sales Role(s) to Commercial Support Role(s). 
B. Private Account Sharing with Sharing Rules from Commercial support Role(s) to Commercial Support Role(s) and Consumer Sales Role(s)to Consumer Support Role(s). 
C. Read-Only Account Sharing with Sharing Rules from Commercial Sales Role(s) to Consumer Support Group(s) and Consumer Sales Role(s) to Commercial Support Groups(s). 
D. Private Account Sharing with Sharing Rules from Commercial Sales Group(s) to Commercial Support Groups(s) and Consumer Sales Group(s) to Consumer Support Group(s). 

Question # 12

The Architect at Universal Containers has created a List View to show all open Opportunities that were created in the last month, and would like to make this list view visible to certain groups of users. Which two options are available to the Architect forsharing the List View? 

A. Public Groups 
B. Profiles
 C. Roles and Subordinates 
D. Manual Sharing 

Question # 13

Which are two valid use cases for programmatic sharing? Choose 2 answers.

 A. An external systemmanages user record access. 
B. Frequent user ownership changes based on re-alignments. 
C. Native sharing functionality does not meet requirements.
 D. Setting user ownership for standard and custom objects. 

Question # 14

Universal Containers has selected a small and diverse group of users to review Inactiveaccounts. Given the Private sharing model, a public group was created and made available to this group of users. A sharing rule was created to make inactive Accounts visible to the public group. However some of these users are reporting they don't see anyof the Accounts that were shared with the public group. what is the underlying Issue for these users? 

A. The users are In profiles that have no access to the Account object. 
B. The page layout assigned to these mart to different than the Account owner 
C. The users have a permission set that only allow Accounts in "Active' status. 
D. The Accounts ire owned by users higher In the role hierarchy. 

Question # 15

If you want to create some logic that will share certain records in APEX code, you just have to create special records that will open access tothe desired records. The aim is to create records of certain type, for example , all share objects for custom objects are named as 

A. MyCustomObject__Share 

Question # 16

How would you make sure Visualforce page is security proof? Choose 3 answers 

A. Manually check for cross site 
B. Manually check for sql injection 
C. Submit to force security scanner 
D. Use web application tool for security 
E. Use debugto check hijacked requests 

Question # 17

Universal Containers has a set of Account Management users that should only see Accounts once the Account becomes a customer. The Type field on the Account identifies whether the Account is a Prospect, Customer, Partner or Other. Which two methods could an Architect use to enable this sharing requirement, assuming a private sharing model for Accounts? Choose 2 answers.

A. Institute a process that calls for the Account Manager to be added to the Account Team once the Account becomes a customer. 
B. Create an Account Sharing Rule that shares all Accounts owned by Sales to be shared with Account Management roles and subordinates. 
C. Create a Public List View, where Accounts of Type Customer are included and share the List view with the Account Management public group. 
D. Create a Criteria-based Sharing rule that shares the Account to the Account Management Group when the Type is Customer. 

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