Cisco 300-420 Exam Dumps

Cisco 300-420 Exam Dumps

Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENSLD)

242 Questions & Answers with Explanation
Update Date : July 15, 2024
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Cisco 300-420 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which protocol is deployed through LAN automation to build node-to-node underlay adjacencies in SDA?


Question # 2

Prior to establishing full-mesh iPsec tunnels in a typical Cisco SD-WAN deployment, which mechanism do WAN Edge routers use to exchange Key information for data plane encryption?

A. They use vSmart controllers as key exchange servers.
B. They use vManage as a key exchange server.
C. They use IKEv2 when exchanging keys with each other.
D. They use vBond as a key exchange server.

Question # 3

How do IETF. OpenConfig and Cisco nativo YANG models differ when used to configuro the same feature on an infrastructure device?

A. OpenConfig models are more comprehensive than IETF.
B. Cisco native models are less comprehensive than OpenConfig.
C. Cisco native models are less comprehensive than IETF.
D. IETF models are more comprehensive than OpenConfig.

Question # 4

An engineer is designing a PIM Anycast RP solution between two data centers. The design must ensure that RP1 in DC1 and RP2 in DC2 inform each other about specific sources that have joined locally. Which solution must the engineer choose?

A. Provision the RPs on the same IP subnet and extend the subnet at Layer 2 between data centers
B. Enable MSDP between RPs using separate unique loopback interfaces
C. Enable MSDP between RPs using the configured Anycast RP address
D. No action is required because PIM registers from the source will, by default, reach each RP

Question # 5

Which control plane protocol is responsible for ElD-to-RLOC mapping concerning SO-Access Architecture?


Question # 6

In a multicast network, which condition must be met for an RPF check to be performed on the RP address'?

A. The PIM DM device receives a multicast packet and has no directly connected members
B. The PIM router or multilayer switch has a shared-tree state
C. The PIM router or multilayer switch has a source-tree state
D. The PIM DM device receives a multicast packet and has no directly connected PIM neighbor

Question # 7

An engineer is designing a campus network with Cisco Catalyst 95CO switches in the aggression layer. The design requires running nonblocking Layer 2 MEC from the aggregation layer to the access layer. The Catalyst switches are located on different campus floors for availability reasons, and each access switch veil contam a single VLAN. Which technology must the engineer choose for the aggregation switches in the design? 

C. StackWise Virtual
D. StackWise-180

Question # 8

Which type of rendezvous point deployment is standards-based and supports dynamic RP discovery?

A. bootstrap router
B. Anycast-RP
C. Auto-RP
D. static RP

Question # 9

An engineer is designing a WAN solution for a customer with teams in different branch locations that need to communicate The teams also need to access enterprise applications hosted in the data center and the cloud The customer also must provide guests with connectivity to the internet only, and the internet gateway is located in the data center Which solution must the engineer choose?

A. WAN connectivity from a different service provider for guests
B. firewall placed in data center that fitters any traffic from guests
C. MPLS Layer 3 VPN with one VRF for corporate access and a separate VRF for guests
D. MPLS Layer 3 VPN with a separate VRF for each branch location

Question # 10

A network engineer must optimize a campus OSPF deployment Currently each time a type 1 or type 2 LSA is generated within an area, the OSPF process must recompute the entire SPT Which solution improves the recomputation process?


Question # 11

A company needs to increase access port capacity on one floor of a building. They want to leverage the existing catalyst access switch. There is no problem with uplink bandwidth capacity. However, no additional uplinks can be added because no ports are available on the distribution switches. Which solution must the company choose to provide additional access ports?

C. Etherchannel
D. Stackwise

Question # 12

Which information update is carried by OMP and enables the Cisco SD-WAN to build a secure overlay fabric on top of any public or private transport without regard for the actual link IP?


Question # 13

Since installing a cisco TelePresence system, the company is experiencing other application having response issues when the system in use. As a result, the company asked an architect to recommend a QoS solution. The customer is currently using a CBWFQ policy to manage traffic on an internet connection with a speed of 100 Mbps. Which link-capacity limit must the architect choose for strict-priority for the real-time traffic?

A. 25 Mbps
B. 50 Mbps
C. 33 Mbps
D. 75 Mbps

Question # 14

In a cisco SD-Access brownfield deployment scenario, which configuration deployment must be taken with Cisco DNA center? 

A. Subnet stretching
B. LAN automation
C. Automated UNDERLAY
D. Manual underlay

Question # 15

An engineer must peer with an ISP for internet connectivity using BGP, initially, the engineer wants to receive only specific prefixes from the ISP and a default route. However, the solution must provide the flexibility to add prefixes in the future at short notice. The ISP has a two-week change process in place. Which route filtering solution must the engineer employ?

A. Request a limited internet routing table and a default route from the ISP and configure the BGP max-limit to 1 with an access list that permits only the specific internet prefixes and blocked networks
B. Request only the required prefixes and default route be advertised from the ISO with whitelisted networks
C. Request a full internet routing table and a default route from the ISP and configure inbound route filtering with a prefix list that permits the default route and required prefixes
D. Configure outbound route filtering on the enterprise and ISP so that the enterprise tell the ISP which prefixes are required

Question # 16

An engineer is designing a BGP network for a large customer. To permit efficient scaling, the BGP domain is split into clusters. Which peering solution should be used between the route reflectors in different clusters for the BGP routes to be propagated appropriately?

A. The route reflectors should be made dents of each other.
B. The route reflectors should be nonclients with regards to each other.
C. The route reflectors should not have any kind of BGP peering.
D. The route reflectors should have peering through another nonclient router.

Question # 17

An engineer must design a routing solution for a company that is single-homed to an ISP. The company's goal is to run BGP between theCEand the PE devices. To support running BGP, the company obtained a public AS number and IP subnet from ARIN. Which solution must the engineer select?

A. The customer announces the public IP subnet to the ISPThe ISP announces the default route to the customer.
B.The customer announces the public IP subnet to the ISPThe ISP announces the BGP table to the customer
C. The ISP announces the customer public IP subnet.The ISP announces the partial BGP table to the customer.
D. The customer announces the default route to the ISPThe ISP announces the default route to the customer

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