Cisco 350-401 Exam Dumps

Cisco 350-401 Exam Dumps

Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR)

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Update Date : June 05, 2023
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Cisco 350-401 Sample Questions

Question # 1

When configuration WPA2 Enterprise on a WLAN, which additional security component configuration is required?

A. NTP server
B. PKI server
C. RADIUS server
D. TACACS server

Question # 2

Which method should an engineer use to deal with a long-standing contention issue between any two VMs on the same host?

A. Adjust the resource reservation limits
B. Live migrate the VM to another host
C. Reset the VM
D. Reset the host

Question # 3

How does EIGRP differ from OSPF?

A. EIGRP is more prone to routing loops than OSPF
B. EIGRP supports equal or unequal path cost, and OSPF supports only equal path cost.
C. EIGRP has a full map of the topology, and OSPF only knows directly connected neighbors
D. EIGRP uses more CPU and memory than OSPF

Question # 4

How is Layer 3 roaming accomplished in a unified wireless deployment?

A. An EoIP tunnel is created between the client and the anchor controller to provide seamless connectivity as the client is associated with the new AP.
B. The client entry on the original controller is passed to the database on the new controller.
C. The new controller assigns an IP address from the new subnet to the client
D. The client database on the original controller is updated the anchor entry, and the new controller database is updated with the foreign entry.

Question # 5

Which data is properly formatted with JSON?


Question # 6

Which benefit is offered by a cloud infrastructure deployment but is lacking in an on-premises deployment?

A. efficient scalability
B. virtualization
C. storage capacity
D. supported systems

Question # 7

An engineer must configure HSRP group 300 on a Cisco IOS router. When the router is functional, it must be the must be the active HSRP router. The peer router has been configured using the default priority value. Which command set is required?

Question # 8

Which command set configures RSPAN to capture outgoing traffic from VLAN 3 on interface GigabitEthernet 0/3 while ignoring other VLAN traffic on the same interface?


Question # 9

How is 802.11 traffic handled in a fabric-enabled SSID? 

A. centrally switched back to WLC where the user traffic is mapped to a VXLAN on the WLC
B. converted by the AP into 802.3 and encapsulated into VXLAN
C. centrally switched back to WLC where the user traffic is mapped to a VLAN on the WLC
D. converted by the AP into 802.3 and encapsulated into a VLAN

Question # 10

Which NGFW mode block flows crossing the firewall?

A. Passive
B. Tap
C. Inline tap
D. Inline

Question # 11

Which configuration restricts the amount of SSH that a router accepts 100 kbps?


Question # 12

Where in Cisco DNA Center is documentation of each API call, organized by its functional area?

A. Developer Toolkit
B. platform management
C. platform bundles
D. Runtime Dashboard

Question # 13

Which three methods does Cisco DNA Centre use to discover devices? (Choose three)

D. ping
F. a specified range of IP addresses

Question # 14

A network engineer is configuring Flexible Netflow and enters these commandsSampler Netflow1Mode random one-out-of 100Interface fastethernet 1/0Flow-sampler netflow1Which are two results of implementing this feature instead of traditional Netflow? (Choose two.)

A. CPU and memory utilization are reduced.
B. Only the flows of top 100 talkers are exported
C. The data export flow is more secure.
D. The number of packets to be analyzed are reduced
E. The accuracy of the data to be analyzed is improved

Question # 15

What is one fact about Cisco SD-Access wireless network deployments?

A. The access point is part of the fabric underlay
B. The WLC is part of the fabric underlay
C. The access point is part the fabric overlay
D. The wireless client is part of the fabric overlay

Question # 16

Which two parameters are examples of a QoS traffic descriptor? (Choose two)

 A. MPLS EXP bits 
B. bandwidth 
 E. packet size

Question # 17

An engineer must create a new SSID on a Cisco 9800 wireless LAN controller. The client has asked to use a pre-shared key for authentication Which profile must the engineer edit to achieve this requirement?

 A. RF
B. Policy 
D. Flex 

Question # 18

A network monitoring system uses SNMP polling to record the statistics of router interfaces The SNMP queries work as expected until an engineer installs a new interface and reloads the router After this action, all SNMP queries for the router fail What is the cause of this issue?

A. The SNMP community is configured incorrectly 
B. The SNMP interface index changed after reboot. 
C. The SNMP server traps are disabled for the interface index 
D. The SNMP server traps are disabled for the link state. 

Question # 19

How does Cisco Trustsec enable more flexible access controls for dynamic networking environments and data centers? 

A. uses flexible NetFlow 
B. assigns a VLAN to the endpoint
 C. classifies traffic based an the contextual identity of the endpoint rather than its IP address 
D. classifies traffic based on advanced application recognition 

Question # 20

In a Cisco StackWise Virtual environment, which planes are virtually combined in the common logical switch?

 A. management and data 
B. control and management 
C. control, and forwarding 
D. control and data 

Question # 21

What does the LAP send when multiple WLCs respond to the CISCO_CAPWAPCONTROLLER.localdomain hostname during the CAPWAP discovery and join process?

A. broadcast discover request 
B. join request to all the WLCs 
C. unicast discovery request to each WLC 
D. Unicast discovery request to the first WLS that resolves the domain name

Question # 22

How is a data modeling language used? 

A. To enable data lo be easily structured, grouped, validated, and replicated 
B. To represent finite and well-defined network elements that cannot be changed 
C. To model the flows of unstructured data within the infrastructure 
D. To provide human readability to scripting languages 

Question # 23

A vulnerability assessment highlighted that remote access to the switches is permitted using unsecure and unencrypted protocols Which configuration must be applied to allow only secure and reliable remote access for device administration? 

A. line vty 0 15 login local transport input none 
B. line vty 0 15 login local transport input telnet ssh 
C. line vty 0 15 login local transport input ssh 
D. line vty 0 15 login local transport input all 

Question # 24

Why is an AP joining a different WLC than the one specified through option 43? 

A. The WLC is running a different software version. 
B. The API is joining a primed WLC 
C. The AP multicast traffic unable to reach the WLC through Layer 3. 
D. The APs broadcast traffic is unable to reach the WLC through Layer 2. 

Question # 25

In a Cisco SD-WAN solution, how Is the health of a data plane tunnel monitored?

A. with IP SLA 
B. ARP probing
C. using BFD 
D. with OMP 

Question # 26

In a Cisco SD-Access solution, which protocol is used by an extended node to connect to asingle edge node?

C. 802 1Q 

Question # 27

What is the difference between a RIB and a FIB?

A. The RIB is used to make IP source prefix-based switching decisions 
B. The FIB is where all IP routing information is stored 
C. The RIB maintains a mirror image of the FIB 
D. The FIB is populated based on RIB content 

Question # 28

Which method does Cisco DNA Center use to allow management of non-Cisco devicesthrough southbound protocols?

A. It creates device packs through the use of an SDK
B. It uses an API call to interrogate the devices and register the returned data. 
C. It obtains MIBs from each vendor that details the APIs available. 
D. It imports available APIs for the non-Cisco device in a CSV format. 

Question # 29

If a client's radio device receives a signal strength of -67 dBm and the noise floor is -85 dBm, what is the SNR value?

A. 15 dB 
B. 16 dB 
C. 18 dB 
D. 20 dB 

Question # 30

Which deployment option of Cisco NGFW provides scalability?

A. tap 
B. clustering 
C. inline tap 
D. high availability 

Question # 31

How does the EIGRP metric differ from the OSPF metric?

A. The EIGRP metric is calculated based on bandwidth only. The OSPF metric iscalculated on delay only. 
B. The EIGRP metric is calculated based on delay only. The OSPF metric is calculated onbandwidth and delay. 
C. The EIGRP metric Is calculated based on bandwidth and delay. The OSPF metric iscalculated on bandwidth only. 
D. The EIGRP metric Is calculated based on hop count and bandwidth. The OSPF metric is calculated on bandwidth and delay.

Question # 32

Which NGFW mode block flows crossing the firewall?

A. Passive 
B. Tap 
C. Inline tap 
D. Inline 

Question # 33

What does the Cisco DNA Center use to enable the delivery of applications through anetwork and to yield analytics for innovation?

A. process adapters 
B. Command Runner 
C. intent-based APIs 
D. domain adapters 

Question # 34

Which technology uses network traffic telemetry, contextual information, and file reputationto provide insight into cyber threats?

A. threat defense 
B. security services 
C. security intelligence 
D. segmentation 

Question # 35

In a Cisco SD-WAN solution, which two functions are performed by OMP? (Choose two.)

A. advertisement of network prefixes and their attributes 
B. configuration of control and data policies 
C. gathering of underlay infrastructure data 
D. delivery of crypto keys 
E. segmentation and differentiation of traffic 

Question # 36

A customer transitions a wired environment to a Cisco SD-Access solution. The customerdoes not want to integrate the wireless network with the fabric. Which wireless deploymentapproach enables the two systems to coexist and meets the customer requirement?

A. Deploy the APs in autonomous mode 
B. Deploy the wireless network over the top of the fabric 
C. Deploy a separate network for the wireless environment 
D. Implement a Cisco DNA Center to manage the two networks 

Question # 37

What is the function of cisco DNA center in a cisco SD-access deployment?

A. It is responsible for routing decisions inside the fabric 
B. It is responsible for the design, management, deployment, provisioning and assuranceof the fabric network devices. 
C. It possesses information about all endpoints, nodes and external networks related to thefabric 
D. It provides integration and automation for all nonfabric nodes and their fabriccounterparts. 

Question # 38

What does a northbound API accomplish?

A. programmatic control of abstracted network resources through a centralized controller 
B. access to controlled network resources from a centralized node 
C. communication between SDN controllers and physical switches 
D. controlled access to switches from automated security applications 

Question # 39

Which solution do laaS service providers use to extend a Layer 2 segment across a Layer3 network?


Question # 40

Which new enhancement was implemented in Wi-Fi 6?

A. Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 
B. 4096 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Mode 
C. Channel bonding 
D. Uplink and Downlink Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access

Question # 41

An engineer must enable a login authentication method that allows a user to log in by usinglocal authentication if all other defined authentication methods fail Which configurationshould be applied?

A. aaa authentication login CONSOLE group radius local-case enable aaa 
B. authentication login CONSOLE group radius local enable none 
C. aaa authentication login CONSOLE group radius local enable 
D. aaa authentication login CONSOLE group tacacs+ local enable 

Question # 42

Why would an engineer use YANG?

A. to transport data between a controller and a network device 
B. to access data using SNMP 
C. to model data for NETCONF 
D. to translate JSON into an equivalent XML syntax 

Question # 43

Which network devices secure API platform?

A. next-generation intrusion detection systems 
B. Layer 3 transit network devices 
C. content switches 
D. web application firewalls 

Question # 44

What do Cisco DNA southbound APIs provide?

A. Interface between the controller and the network devices 
B. NETCONF API interface for orchestration communication 
C. RESful API interface for orchestrator communication 
D. Interface between the controller and the consumer

Question # 45

Which technology is used as the basis for the cisco sd-access data plane?

A. IPsec 
D. 802.1Q 

Question # 46

A network engineer configures a WLAN controller with increased security for web access.There is IP connectivity with the WLAN controller, but the engineer cannot start amanagement session from a web browser. Which action resolves the issued

A. Disable JavaScript on the web browser 
B. Disable Adobe Flash Player 
C. Use a browser that supports 128-bit or larger ciphers. 
D. Use a private or incognito session. 

Question # 47

A customer requests a design that includes GLBP as the FHRP The network architectdiscovers that the members of the GLBP group have different throughput capabilitiesWhich GLBP load balancing method supports this environment?

A. host dependent 
B. least connection 
C. round robin 
D. weighted 

Question # 48

What is one primary REST security design principle?

A. fail-safe defaults 
B. password hash 
C. adding a timestamp in requests 
D. OAuth 

Question # 49

A client device roams between access points located on different floors in an atrium. Theaccess points are Joined to the same controller and configured in local mode. The accesspoints are in different AP groups and have different IP addresses, but the client VLAN inthe groups is the same. Which type of roam occurs?

A. inter-controller 
B. inter-subnet  
C. intra-VLAN 
D. intra-controller

Question # 50

An engineer is configuring a new SSID to present users with a splash page forauthentication. Which WLAN Layer 3 setting must be configured to provide thisfunctionally?

B. WPA2 Policy 
C. Local Policy 
D. Web Policy 

Question # 51

What occurs when a high bandwidth multicast stream is sent over an MVPN using Ciscohardware?

A. The traffic uses the default MDT to transmit the data only if it isa (S,G) multicast routeentry 
B. A data MDT is created to if it is a (*, G) multicast route entries 
C. A data and default MDT are created to flood the multicast stream out of all PIM-SMneighbors. 
D. A data MDT is created to allow for the best transmission through the core for (S, G)multicast route entries. 

Question # 52

Which method is used by an AP to join HA controllers and is configured in NVRAM?

A. stored WLC information 
C. IP Helper Addresses 
D. Primary/Secondary/Tertiary/Backup 

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