Salesforce Heroku-Architect Exam Dumps

Salesforce Heroku-Architect Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Heroku Architect (WI24)

184 Questions & Answers with Explanation
Update Date : April 01, 2024
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Salesforce Heroku-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers has enabled Field Service Lightning and is looking to enable Entitlements for Work Orders. What should a Consultant take into consideration?

 A. Creating Entitlements for Cases and Work Orders must beseparated. 
B. Managing page layouts and validation rules can be done in Salesforce Lightning
 C. Managing page layouts and milestone trackers can be done in the Salesforce mobile app. 
D. Creating Entitlements for Work Orders requires Lightning to be enabled. 

Question # 2

A client wants to deconstruct a monolithic application into a set of microservices The microservicesrequire securer direct peer-to-peer communications. Which Heroku Enterprise features should an Architect recommend? Choose one answer 

A. Heroku Private Spaces and Apache Kafka on Heroku 
B. Shield Private Spaces and Heroku Shield Connect 
C. Heroku Private Spaces and Internal Routing. 
D. Heroku Private Spaces and Private Space VPN connections. 

Question # 3

Which 2 users can remove an applicationfrom a Heroku Enterprise Team? 

A. An administrator of the Enterprise Team 
B. A user with the "manage" permission for the app 
C. A user with the "deploy" permission for the app 
D. A user with the "operate" permission for the app 

Question # 4

A client wants to create a secure network connection between Heroku applications running in a Private Space and an AWS VPC. Which Heroku feature should an Architect recommend to create the connection?

A. Internal Routing 
B. Private Space Peering 
C. Private Space VPNconnections 
D. Heroku Connect 

Question # 5

UniversalContainers (UC) has an on-permise application for reporting damage to their shipments. They want to migrate the application to Heroku. The damage reporting process includes uploading one or more pictures to the application which temporarily stores them onthe local system. After the report is submitted, a case is created in UC's Salesforce org for processing, amd the images are deleted from the file system. The application's configuration is read from environment variables that are specified in the system user's profile. The application writes its logs to rotating files using an open-source library. Which two recommendations should an Architect make to ensure that the application runs correctly on Heroku? Choose 2 answers. 

A. Load the application's configuration from its source code instead of using environment tables
 B. Use an external object storage service for temporary image uploads 
C. Run the application in a Private Space to enable communication with UC's Salesforce org 
D. WritP Inns tn stdmit instead nf writinn thpm tn the flip svstpma

Question # 6

A customer runs Production Check on an application from the Dashboard. Which two runtime issues does it check for? Choose 2 answers. 

A. Worker dyno scale: ensuring at least 1 worker dyno is available. 
B. Dyno redudancy: ensuring at least 2 web dynos are available 
C. CDN ensuring a CDN is available to the web dynos 
D. Production-tier database: ensuring aproduction-tier database is being used 

Question # 7

Universal Containers has 3 Heroku apps in its microservicesand requires that logs for all of the apps be stored in the same location for analysis and alerting purposes. How would they achieve this? 

A. Send logs from each app to their own Heroku redis Store, and then combine all logs in a fourth master store. 
B. Set up the 3 apps as producers for Apache Kafka on Heroku and save their logs to Kafka 
C. Set up a file on the filesystem and share it with all the apps 
D. Install a logging add-on for one app and attach it to the other two apps

Question # 8

Universal Containers wants to reduce their mean-time-to-service Which three Field Service process should a Consultant recommend to accomplish this goal? (Choose three ) 

A. Knowledge Base 
B. Customer Entitlements 
C. Adjust Scheduling Policy 
D. Dispatching 

Question # 9

A healthcare client is creating a web portal for their customers on Heroku, which is sourced from a Salesforce instance. Some of the Salesforce data they wish to display falls under HIPAA compliance, and their auditors have determined this data must be stored encryptedat-rest. To satisfy this requirement, they have enabled Platform Encryption on Salesforce. They are investigating Heroku Shield Private Spaces, Shield Dynos, Shield Postgres, and Shield HerokuConnect. How will Shield Heroku Connect interact with the encrypted fields in Salesforce? 

A. Shield Heroku Connect will be able to access only cypher text in the fields from Salesforce. They will need to import the encryption key from Salesforce to decrypt to store in Shield Postgres. 
B. Shield Heroku Connect will be able to synchronize data from fields in Salesforce without additional customization, but any writes will need to be encrypted using the Salesforce encryption key first before being written. 
C. Shield Heroku Connect requires customization on the Salesforce side to decrypt the data before transmitting to Heroku. 
D. Shield Heroku Connect will be able to synchronize data bidirectionally without additional customization. 

Question # 10

An app uses a queue of worker dynos to perform complex image processing, but the worker dynos are occasionally running out of memory when performing the processing.All of their dynos are currently standard-1x dynos. What should an Architect recommend in this scenario? 

A. Add additional worker dynos. 
B. Break up the image processing across multiple dynos
C. Move the app to a Private Space. 
D. Change the type of dynos to standard-2x. 

Question # 11

A client's Heroku web application displaysdata that is fetched from a back-end file storage system. The client now wants this data to be viewable, but not editable, from their Salesforce org. Which recommendation should an Architect make in this scenario? 

A. Replicate the files to tables in a Heroku Postgres database, and use Heroku Connect to synchronize the tables to the Salesforce org. 
B. Store all file URLs in a Heroku Postgres table, and use Heroku Connect to synchronize the table to the Salesforce org. 
C. Replicate the files to tables in aHeroku Postgres database, and use Heroku External Objects to expose the tables to the Salesforce org. 
D. Replicate the files to the application's local filesystem, and use worker dynos to periodically sync them to the Salesforce org. 

Question # 12

Universal Containers has a Heroku app that uses several third-party add-ons. They now need to enforce data privacy and be compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). What should an Architect advise UC regarding data residency inthis scenario? 

A. Heroku does not control where add-on providers store data. 
B. Heroku support can configure add-ons for specific data residency needs.
 C. Heroku guarantees the physical location of its control surface APIs. 
D. Data residency for add-ons is covered under Salesforce's GDPR compliance. 

Question # 13

Universal Containers wants the ability for their Field Technicians to log sales opportunities associated with their Work Orders. What configuration should a Consultant implement so Field Technicians can easily achieve this through the Field Service mobile app? 

A. Quick Action on Opportunity to Create Work Order Line Item 
B. Quick Action on Opportunity to Create Work Order 
C. Quick Action on Work Order Line Items to Create Opportunity 
D. Quick Action on Work Order to Create Opportunity

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