Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect Exam Dumps

Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam (WI24)

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Update Date : June 05, 2024
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Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers (UC) wants to enhance the online purchase experience for its customers. The product and pricing information is managed in a separate ERP, while customer purchases are primarily triggered online through self-service. UC often offers promotions and discounts through various online seasonal events. UC wants the ability to provide customized quotes based on its relationship with the customer, as well as proactively process and monitor renewal and upgrade opportunities. A Solution Architect has identified Sales Cloud, CPQ, Billing, and B2B Commerce as part of a potential multi-cloud solution. Based on the above considerations, which option identifies the optimal data flow for this solution?

A. Pricing and Product data should be pushed from ERP to B2B Commerce via the CPQ B2B Commerce Connector to CPQ. Promotions should be handled in B2B Commerce. Invoice and Billing should be maintained in Billing and surfaced on B2B Commerce via a Lightning component. 
B. Pricing and Product data should be pushed from ERP to CPQ and from there to B2B Commerce via the CPQ B2B Commerce Connector. Promotions should be managed in CPQ as CPQ is the pricing master. Invoice and Billing should be managed in B2B Commerce and pushed to Billing. 
C. Pricing and Product data should be pushed from ERP to both CPQ and B2B Commerce, keeping single source of truth. Promotions should be handled in B2B Commerce. Invoice and Billing should be maintained in Billing and pushed to B2B Commerce. 
D. Pricing and Product data should be pushed from ERP to CPQ and from there to B2B Commerce via the CPQ B2B Commerce Connector. Promotions should be handled in B2B Commerce. Invoice and Billing should be maintained in Billing and presented on B2B Commerce via a Lightning component. 

Question # 2

Universal Containers (UC) wants to add and integrate Marketing Cloud Account Engagement after a recent acquisition. The integration into the global architecture will be as follows: • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement will be used for lead nurturing with Engagement Studio. • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement forms will be set up in a website. • Sales Cloud will manage leads created by Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. UC wants to facilitate adoption by giving sales representatives and marketers enough time to learn about new features on a training platform. Which approach should a Solution Architect recommend in order to set up an environment in which users can test the functionalities from end to end?

A. Create a new Marketing Cloud Account Engagement business unit, recreate the configuration, and link it to a full copy Sales Cloud sandbox. 
B. Create a new Marketing Cloud Account Engagement business unit, recreate the configuration, and link it to the production Sales Cloud org. 
C. Create a new Marketing Cloud Account Engagement business unit, synchronize the production unit and the training unit, and link it to a full copy Sales Cloud sandbox.
 D. Create Marketing Cloud Account Engagement training environments, synchronize the environments, and link it to a full copy Sales Cloud sandbox. 

Question # 3

Universal Containers (UC) has a global support model and would like to open up a text message channel to support maintenance supervisors in countries around the world. UC also wants to leverage messaging to market to its business partners, and be able to track open and click-through rates just like it does with email campaigns. What should a Solution Architect recommend to UC? 

A. Utilize Service Cloud and LiveMessage. 
B. Utilize Service Cloud Email to Text Message. 
C. Embed third-party messenger tools. 
D. Utilize Marketing Cloud and MobileConnect.

Question # 4

Universal Containers recently began a project to connect its ERP with Salesforce. One of the requirements is a daily batch process to create and update orders and order product information. The development team, using the corporate ETL tool, has created two processes to create these records using Bulk API. The test in the development environment worked fine, but in the production environment, some order product records were not updated and showed an error "UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW:unable to obtain exclusive access to this record". There is one Process Builder on the Order Product object and no async process. Which two steps should a Solution Architect recommend to avoid this error? Choose 2 answers 

A. Use the import wizard instead of Bulk API. 
B. Sort the order product records by account and order before the Bulk API load. 
C. Change the Bulk API call to use Bulk API 2.0. 
D. Add a retry process for the records rejected by this error. 

Question # 5

Different teams at Universal Containers (UC) are experiencing challenges using their existing tools. The Sales team can only access their application from the office, the Marketing team has to manually import leads coming from the website into their campaign tool, and the Support team lacks a communication history repository between email, social networks, and calls. The website was developed by the IT team, and the Legal team is responsible for the Consent Management Platform used to meet GDPR requirements. UC wants to improve its relationship with customers, so a digital redesign program is starting with the goal of moving to Salesforce solutions. Which three steps are necessary to set up a program roadmap? Choose 3 answers

A. Identify the high-level workload capacity and planning of the IT and Legal teams. 
B. Prioritize the transformation of activities involving the least development. 
C. Create project plans for each of the projects that will be on the roadmap. 
D. Prioritize the transformation of activities related to customers' interactions. 
E. Explain how the program contributes to the business's goals. 

Question # 6

A shipping and logistics company uses Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. It relies on Salesforce standard reports for its current KPIs. However, the company wants to see report trends and complex analytics. It also wants the reports to be visible to salesforce users as well as non-Salesforce users. Which recommendation should a solution Architect make to meet the company's needs?

 A. Sales Cloud Einstein 
B. Reporting snapshots 
C. CRM Analytics
 D. Standard Dashboards 

Question # 7

Universal Containers (UC) has implemented a new ecommerce site for its resellers. UC is leveraging a multi-cloud architecture, B2B Commerce, for building the storefront and Service Cloud Web2Case for offering case management functionality to its resellers. UC notices that the case volume is extremely high and a number of resellers are raising cases for trivial issues on the B2B Commerce site. Which two recommendations should a Solution Architect make to help resellers use the site more efficiently and lower the case volume? Choose 2 answers

 A. Offload the number of cases received via Web2Case by using Email2Case. 
B. Implement Case Deflection. 
C. Disable anonymous users on the site. 
D. Plan and conduct User Adoption Trainings for resellers on how to use the site. 

Question # 8

SharpField is a fast-growing company that provides SaaS for commercial service providers. SharpField has been acquiring other similar companies and plans to continue to do so for the near future. After a recent acquisition of a company that also has a Salesforce org, the CIO wants to know the correct path forward on deciding whether to integrate the acquired companies into SharpField's existing landscape. What should a Solution Architect recommend to the CIO to ensure the correct org strategy for SharpField going forward?

A. Recommend a single-org strategy and development of strict processes for all acquired companies to follow. 
B. Prioritize migrating the newly acquired company to SharpField's Salesforce org first, then perform an org strategy analysis to assess the Business, Technology, Governance, and Operations requirements for any future acquisitions. 
C. Prioritize completing an in-depth org strategy analysis, focused on the Business, Technology, Governance, and Operations requirements at SharpField. 
D. Recommend a multi-org strategy and development of required integration layers to move the required shared data between instances of any and all acquired Salesforce instances. 

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